The Brothers Of Invention

To start, I send Mwana a candidate musical Invention or he sends me one. If the other one likes it, we work on perfecting a “keeper” version. We send mp3 files with a sharp sound as a sync indicator at the start. We create musical overdubs. The overdubs (only) are sent back with the sync sound. The one with the original multitrack files matches up the sync sound in the overdub to the original recordings. We continue in this fashion until the piece is completed. When we start sending overdubs, the Invention names will have an “M” or an “S” added to the end of the name. For example: Invention-01-04-M1 means Invention 1 version 4 Mwana overdub 1.

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Tune in from time to time
to see how the Inventions
are coming along.

Sherman Barry & Mwana Bermudes



I played music with the Mothers Of Invention. That’s me on the left. Frank Zappa is on the right.

I also recorded many of Frank Zappa’s albums: (See the Sound Engineer item in the top-of-page menu.) 

When I recorded Frank, most of the time there was no one else in the control room but me. I was, therefore his record producer/engineer at these sessions. Over and over, after vocal overdubs, Frank would say, “How was that?” I would say, “You can do better.” I made Frank work hard to get a great performance.

Fast forward to today.

After a motorcycle accident, I had to take a sabbatical. Now, feeling much better, I have reassembled my recording studio and started working on music again.

I have known Mwana Bermudes for a very long time. We have formed The Brothers Of Invention. Using Cubase and my invention of the audio clack board (a sharp sound to sync incoming overdubs to the master recording, just like they do when making movies) . . .

. . . we can now work on music at long range. That is a good thing because Mwana lives in the northwest tip of South Africa. East of Mozambique, south of Zimbabwe and West of Botswana.