When You Get A Bad Apple

The trouble began long ago when Apple fired its founder, Steve Jobs. 

Apple then fell apart. 

So Apple hired Steve back on and the company had one success after another. Then Steve passed away. Apple is now in a long decline as more and more customers find out how badly they are being treated.

Apple has joined the ranks of companies that do not care about customers or customer care. Apple only wants to sell new products (because of the huge profit margins) and they’ll do ANYTHING to make their older products slow down or break down to make customers shell out for a new product to fix the problem that Apple itself created.

Again and again they come out with toxic “upgrades,” that ruin the older product. They hope this will make customers want to take the expensive step of buying a new product.

My older iPhone 5 developed some dirt between the lens and the outside glass cover. It could no longer take photos. I tried to schedule an appointment using the Apple online page, but the appointment setting page did not work. Big surprise. Perhaps this alone will make some customers give up and want to take the expensive step of buying another new phone.

When I reached the store, the tech assigned to me was polite but adamant. “I’m not allowed to fix your old phone because what we really want to do is sell you a NEW phone.” 

I’m sure Apple hopes this miserable excuse for customer service will sell more phones. The operation I was requesting would have taken a well-trained (?) customer service technician all of 2 minutes. No way. Apple just wants to sell, sell sell. The higher the profit margin the better.

Apple’s huge greed problem is not going to be cured; it’s only going to get worse as time goes on.

I have been keeping close track of all the harm Apple has heaped on their unsuspecting customers. Here they all are.

OS 9

One weekend OS 9 was alive and well. The following Monday OS 9 was totally removed from every Apple webpage. Gone!

You could call Apple about an OS 9 issue but all the Apple employees were allowed to say was, “we don’t support OS 9 any more.” No help. No hope for your already-purchased and expensive investment in Apple hardware and software. No help. Nothing!

Literally overnight, Apple orphaned millions of customers and their millions of computers, software and everything else. Apple management should have been arrested and sent to jail for such a HUGE offense. (Just like the bankers who were involved in ruining the lives of 150 million Americans with the sub-prime mortgage-backed investment PONZI scheme. Like Apple, not one banker went to jail.) Nothing bad happened to The Bad Apple. Only the millions of once-faithful customers were harmed. I was one of them. I can never forgive Apple for throwing all their customers overboard so brutally.


When Apple announced the iPhone 6, they also provided a toxic update called iOS 8 for all the iPhone 5 phones happily running iOS 7.x

iOS 8! What a disaster! Siri became as dumb as a box of rocks. She would gleefully find me addresses (for local Tucson business) in Guatamala, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Siri’s IQ went from 300 to 2. iOS 8 turned Siri (and therefore the iPhone) into an idiot.

I called and called to request that Apple send me an iOS update back to the iOS 7 that worked perfectly. Again and again Apple said, “Oh no we can’t provide you with the iOS that would make your phone work perfectly again! Apple doesn’t want that. We want you to buy an iPhone 6.” Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an unnecessary new iPhone.

I left apple for an Android phone and never went back. A lot of smart people did.

Apple has been providing broken and toxic iPhone updates ever since.

iPhone FM Radio

The iPhone has a perfectly good FM antenna and FM radio in it. Apple forces it to be non-working. Eric Estrada of the CHiPs TV series appeared on the Breakfast With The Beatles radio show (WMGK Sunday mornings) to blow the whistle on Apple’s refusal to activate the perfectly good (free!) FM radio that is in every iPhone. In case of natural or man-made disasters, your iPhone has been prevented from bringing you FM radio news of what is happening. I called Verizon but they told me they, too, were appealing to Apple to turn on the FM radio. 

Apple didn’t budge. 

My guess is that Apple is in bed with makers of the for-pay data-driven FM radio “apps.” These apps will be useless in case of a social breakdown or upheaval because ALL data will be shut off by the feds to prevent Americans from finding out what is happening throughout the country. Proving, once again, how corrupt Apple is, their iPod Touch product had a perfect FM radio at 1/10 the size of an iPhone.


iTunes suddenly stopped allowing us to buy music in April, 2019. The software “silent update” confounded the long-working use of each person’s Apple ID. iTunes began to fake that your rock solid Apple ID was no longer good. This toxic update ruined iTunes. Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an unnecessary new Mac.

Time Machine

In the good old days, you could hook up each of your Macs directly, one by one, to an external hard disk and back each one up in minutes using Time Machine. When all your Macs were backed up by direct connection, you could then move the external hard disc to the Apple Extreme router and continue having Time Machine back up all your Macs through wifi. No wires. No muss. No fuss.

Then, Apple came out with their highly-flawed Time Capsule product: an Airport Extreme router with an expensive, failure-prone hard drive built in. The flawed Time Capsule product was slow, could not be backed up and could not be maintained with Disc Utility. What a useless product!

Suddenly, Time Machine did not work any longer thru wifi. You could only back up by walking your external hard drive around to each Mac. What nonsense! It was a devious and silent update that destroyed the original Time Machine product. Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an flawed and unnecessary Time Capsule. The news got around quickly: the Apple Time Capsule product is junk. I was given a Time Capsule but never used it because it is junk.


Before Apple acquired Final Cut Pro, their (free) iMovie app worked great. Once Apple “acquired” Final Cut Pro, a very expensive replacement for iMovie, Apple sent out a toxic “update” that took away most of the best features of iMovie. Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on the unnecessary Final Cut Pro so they ruined iMovie on purpose with another toxic “update.”

Apple Maps

Maps used to work perfectly. It would quickly ID your home location and quickly draw a Directions map from there to anywhere else. Both of these functionalities were removed in May 2019 by another silent toxic “update.” Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an unnecessary new Mac.


Apple’s darling web design tool was abandoned. Not only did Apple fail to release iWeb updates, it also failed to support the millions of iWeb customers. Worse than that, it forced each new release of OS X to refuse to run iWeb. All iWeb customers world-wide were thrown overboard again! This shoddy treatment by The Bad Apple has become legendary.

Friday, September 18, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO/SYDNEY (Reuters) - A significant number of Apple Inc customers are reporting their mobile devices have crashed after attempting to upload the new iOS 9 operating system, the latest in a line of launch glitches for the tech giant.

Twitter and other social media were awash with disgruntled customers reporting two distinct faults, with one appearing to be linked specifically to older models of Apple iPhones and iPads.

"It is beyond inconvenient to not be able to use your phone for a day," said student Pip Cordi as staff in the Apple store in central Sydney looked at her phone on Friday. "I have a lot of apps that I use for school - things like language apps and dictionaries and that's all really important for my studies."

Another iPhone user, Zorry Coates, said she had spent three hours in the Apple store and had been left with the option of either returning her phone to factory settings - losing any non-backed-up data - or waiting until Apple technicians announced an update.

"They said they were aware of the problem and their engineers were working on it 24/7, but they couldn't tell me when - or how - I would get a solution," Zorry said.

"I'm very annoyed because it's wasted half my day. They pride themselves on being a company that's flawless."

Apple's headquarters in San Francisco did not respond to a request for comment late Thursday. An Apple spokesman in Sydney said the company had no comment.

Despite any troubles, significant numbers of iOS users had upgraded; more than 16 percent, according to Mixpanel, a San Francisco, California-based analytics company, as of 4 p.m. PDT (2300 GMT) Thursday.

Charlie Brown, a technology expert at Sydney-based Cybershack, said any number of dissatisfied customers was significant in the social media era, particularly following the troubled rollout of iOS 8. Apple released several further updates to iOS8, but some of the bugs were never fully fixed.

"The risk to Apple in terms of having dissatisfied customers is that as their customer base grows, so will the number of those dissatisfied customers," said Brown.

One group of users reported that iOS 9 upgrade would fail after several minutes, requiring them to start the process over. Many posted screen shots of the error message they received: "Software Update Failed".

That problem was likely caused by servers that were overloaded when too many people tried to download the upgrade simultaneously, tech analysts said. 

"It's like the Black Friday thing," said Bob O'Donnell of Technalysis Research, referring to the major U.S. shopping sale day after Thanksgiving. "Some websites get creamed on the traffic on Black Friday."

Other users, many of them with older devices, reported their devices seizing up on a "swipe to upgrade" page. The latest upgrade had been deemed by Apple as "friendly" to the older devices after the iOS 8 problems.

"Apple sas saying the downloading mechanism doesn't take as much space to download," said Sydney-based Graham McKay, an IT support specialist. 

McKay and Brown said they always advised clients to wait several days before downloading any new upgrades from Apple, Google Inc or Microsoft Corp to make sure any glitches had been found and ironed out. 

Metering the upgrade, or allowing users to upgrade in waves rather than all at once, would have been a smarter approach, O'Donnell said.

"It's a lot about setting expectations," he said.

Apple did this week delay the release of watch OS 2, its updated operating system for the Apple Watch after it discovered bugs.