1990 -  Das Nappy

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NV means no vocals.


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A Review of Das Nappy

"Das Nappy is the self-produced debut album by former Spirit bassist Barry Keene. Barry played bass for Spirit in the mid seventies, and also worked as sound engineer for, amongst others, Frank Zappa and Ike and Tina Turner.

This is an album that really grows after listing to it three or four times, so give it a chance! The first track that really caught my attention was an instrumental called "Float." A gorgeous track that really "floats!" Most of the album is pretty laid back, like "Upon the shore," but there's also some harder rocking tracks like "Candyman," and some beautiful instrumentals. The guitars sometimes remind me of Spirit, in fact some of the tracks wouldn't have sounded out of place on a latter day Spirit album like "Tent of Miracles."

This CD reveals Barry as a sensitive, versatile and entertaining musician, and I recommend it wholeheartedly!"---Johan Bengtsson

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The Provenance Of The Songs

Dream Stomp 

A mechanized techo-walk.

Fool Around 

Feeling sexy? This song is for you. Like in the movie, "Dune," this song has "the voice."

Fool Around.pdf


A jazz romp. A saucy guitar solo and a somewhat "flipped out" keyboard solo. A letting-go. A fun tune. Something to play (through your Sony Digital headphones) while you wait for your sweetie to get ready to go out for the evening.

I Like You Venezuela 

Venezuela is a wild and wonderful place. The people are, well, crazy. Crazier, even, than we are (in the states). I liked my one-month stay, there, teaching West Coast sound engineering techniques to the recording crew of Telearte Sound Studios. Avila is the mountain that guards Caracas, Venezuela from the clouds of the sea. The wind lifts the moist sea air causing a white "scarf" to fly off the mountain top almost every day. It is very beautiful. I enjoyed being a teacher there. They appreciated my efforts and valued what I taught them. I enjoyed their enthusiasm. They adopted me. I adopted them. I'd go back there in a minute. The place left an indelible impression. Here’s the song to prove it.

I Like You Venezuela.pdf

Das Nappy 

Thought up by my one-time stepson, Brandt. When he would remark on the tacky things of life he would always say, "Man! That's nappy!" It sounded like he said, "Das Nappy." 

Das Nappy.pdf

Getting Old 

A song about getting just a little bit older.

Getting Old.pdf


A nostalgic instrumental lullaby with a slight “chug” in the middle (when the acoustic guitars come in). These guitars were very difficult to get right because the song is so laid back.


A rocking new sound with angel guitars. The center-placed fuzz/funk guitar is pure R&B. Multiple metaphors, here. About being well-proportioned, the lethal effects of drugs, on being a good lover.

Desert Ride 

A percussion adventure in 5/4 and 4/4 time. The theme is: going slightly crazy from the heat of being in the open desert too long after the sun has come up. Once I was in Death Valley in the Summer.  I had been examining indian ruins, in the sun, near my Land Rover 109 for some time. Then, I just started to walk away—through the desert. My friend, Bob (who was driving) pulled ahead of me and blocked my path. I just kept walking--right into the Rover. He said, "Where do you think you're going?" "What?" I said. He poured water over my head and the back of my neck, and then I "came to." This song is dedicated to the power of the desert. The life that only possible from being able to hide and shelter. The power to take life. The power of the Sun.  This is riding at top speed back to an oasis where a cool natural spring awaits you. There are flat spots where you can go fast, and rough places where you have to slow down.

Party Time

When it’s time to party, party! Don’t drink and drive. Take a cab! Better yet, for special occasions, hire a limousine! Now boys! In my generation, when I hit high school, it wasn’t cool to dance with girls. Therefore, I stopped dancing. What a mistake! I stopped, but the girls still wanted to dance. They want intimacy in public—to dance and be held by their guy. They look at you in a most wonderful way when you dance with them. When you see that look, you will feel fine (no matter how many lessons it took to be a great dancer). No matter how hard it is for you, learn to dance! Once you’ve learned, go dancing! Learn more dances. Practice. Be great. There’s only one secret: make the girl look good. Everything else is secondary where dancing is concerned.