2016—New Things

Play The 2016 New Things

NV means no vocals.


Clicking “Play The Songs” link, above, will open a player with each song listed. Click one to listen to it. You can switch windows and otherwise use your computer while the song plays. The player has a previous song, next song button, stop, play, shuffle and loop (play over and over) buttons. If you click the loop button a second time, the player will play the same song over and over.

The Provenance Of The Songs

The new window will play the songs one by one automatically. You can switch windows and otherwise use your computer while the songs play. If you want to skip a song return to the player window and click next. 

In this web page I am presenting (as far as I know) the first ever Composer Reality Web Show. You have probably seen some episodes of a “reality” TV series. This is just like that except that it is about music.

This is where I am doing my work now Instead of “live before a TV audience” this is live before an Internet audience. 

I am going to publish each each improvement of each musical work. At first there will be only the initial inspiration for the song. Perhaps just a musical phrase or two. As the song development progresses I’ll update the music over and over again, each time giving each composition the next higher number.

I believe I am receiving help from powerful Muses. This is the only way I can explain how I can play such beautiful melodies without thinking of them first. I consider these pieces as gifts from another place and another time. They’re only a hint of what they will become one day, but that does not detract from their beauty and my joy at receiving them.

When I first play piano each day I make sure I have Cubase running and I click the Record button before I start playing. I never know what I’m going to play. I don’t think of a melody first and then try to play it. The music you hear just comes out. I record it and develop it in the same Spirit in which it was given to me in the first place. As time goes on, as I receive each burst of inspiration from my Muses, I record the additional parts that I’m feeling. In time, with some pieces, there may be lyrics. This form of music composition takes longer, but I believe the wait is entirely worthwhile.

The key seems to be that I have to keep my thinking turned off. Only by doing that, can the Muses bring these compositions to me.

These are the raw first idea recordings. These recordings come about when I open myself up for inspiration and empty my mind of thought.

Some of these recordings may become film scores and some may become songs. I don’t yet know.

— Sherman Barry —