The Great World-Wide Recording Studio Experiment

Play Sherman’s 2020 Inventions

NV means no vocals.


Clicking “Play The Songs” link, above, will open a player with each song listed. Click one to listen to it. You can switch windows and otherwise use your computer while the song plays. The player has a previous song, next song button, stop, play, shuffle and loop (play over and over) buttons. If you click the loop button a second time, the player will play the same song over and over.

Borrowing a technique that has been used in movie-making since its beginnings, I devised a method of recording music overdubs even at VERY long range.  

For higher quality, much larger WAV files may be used instead of MP3 files.

When the originator receives the email with the overdub file attached, he or she imports the hand clap and overdub into a new track in the multi-track master. The visual spike of the hand clap in the overdub is aligned with the spike in the original. 


The overdub is now in perfect sync with the original recording. 

Adding overdub recordings from a recording artist located anywhere in the world (or vice versa) is the plan.