A Return To SongLand

The time has come to start turning my inventions into full-fledged songs again. I will call on my Muses to help me be lyrical. I will also ask my Muses for help to write music for my poetry. Here is a beautiful poem the Muses gave to me that I have not yet written music for. With the help of my Muses, I am hoping to re-enter SongLand. That’s what the challenge of this year will be.

A Thousand Dreams

by Sherman Barry

And though I dream a thousand dreams

I only think of those of you

Where you are is safe and sound

Great Peace and Joy your heart has found

Night sky and morning Sun

Each chases just the other One

Day dreams only of the Night

Night only of the Morning Light

As long as time goes on and on

Days and Nights long for the other One

Only in the twilight and the dawn

Are the times they can be one

So in my Days and in my Nights

As I sit and dream of Thee

I wish much more love for you

Than can be told in an eternity

When I dream of horses flying

That find me here in my dark Nights

A gift from you I think is trying

To remind me of your sweet delights

As long and long as time goes on

Are we longing for the other One?

As I sleep and dream of Thee

Do you sleep and dream of me?