When You Get A Bad Apple

The trouble began long ago when Apple fired its founder, Steve Jobs. 

Apple then fell apart. 

So Apple hired Steve back on and the company had one success after another. Then Steve passed away. Apple is now in a long decline as more and more customers find out how badly they are being treated.

Apple has joined the ranks of companies that do not care about customers or customer care. Apple only wants to sell new products (because of the huge profit margins) and they’ll do ANYTHING to make their older products slow down or break down to make customers shell out for a new product to fix the problem that Apple itself created.

Again and again they come out with toxic “upgrades,” that ruin the older product. They hope this will make customers want to take the expensive step of buying a new product.

My older iPhone 5 developed some dirt between the lens and the outside glass cover. It could no longer take photos. I tried to schedule an appointment using the Apple online page, but the appointment setting page did not work. Big surprise. Perhaps this alone will make some customers give up and want to take the expensive step of buying another new phone.

When I reached the store, the tech assigned to me was polite but adamant. “I’m not allowed to fix your old phone because what we really want to do is sell you a NEW phone.” 

I’m sure Apple hopes this miserable excuse for customer service will sell more phones. The operation I was requesting would have taken a well-trained (?) customer service technician all of 2 minutes. No way. Apple just wants to sell, sell sell. The higher the profit margin the better.

Apple’s huge greed problem is not going to be cured; it’s only going to get worse as time goes on.

I have been keeping close track of all the harm Apple has heaped on their unsuspecting customers. Here they all are.

1 - OS 9

One weekend OS 9 was alive and well. The following Monday OS 9 was totally removed from every Apple webpage. Gone!

You could call Apple about an OS 9 issue but all the Apple employees were allowed to say was, “we don’t support OS 9 any more.” No help. No hope for your already-purchased and expensive investment in Apple hardware and software. No help. Nothing!

Literally overnight, Apple orphaned millions of customers and their millions of computers, software and everything else. Apple management should have been arrested and sent to jail for such a HUGE offense. (Just like the bankers who were involved in ruining the lives of 150 million Americans with the sub-prime mortgage-backed investment PONZI scheme. Like Apple, not one banker went to jail.) Nothing bad happened to The Bad Apple. Only the millions of once-faithful customers were harmed. I was one of them. I can never forgive Apple for throwing all their customers overboard so brutally.

2 - iPhone

When Apple announced the iPhone 6, they also provided a toxic update called iOS 8 for all the iPhone 5 phones happily running iOS 7.x

iOS 8! What a disaster! Siri became as dumb as a box of rocks. She would gleefully find me addresses (for local Tucson business) in Guatamala, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Siri’s IQ went from 300 to 2. iOS 8 turned Siri (and therefore the iPhone) into an idiot.

I called and called to request that Apple send me an iOS update back to the iOS 7 that worked perfectly. Again and again Apple said, “Oh no we can’t provide you with the iOS that would make your phone work perfectly again! Apple doesn’t want that. We want you to buy an iPhone 6.” Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an unnecessary new iPhone.

I left apple for an Android phone and never went back. A lot of smart people did.

Apple has been providing broken and toxic iPhone updates ever since.

3 - iPhone FM Radio

The iPhone has a perfectly good FM antenna and FM radio in it. Apple forces it to be non-working. Eric Estrada of the CHiPs TV series appeared on the Breakfast With The Beatles radio show (WMGK Sunday mornings) to blow the whistle on Apple’s refusal to activate the perfectly good (free!) FM radio that is in every iPhone. In case of natural or man-made disasters, your iPhone has been prevented from bringing you FM radio news of what is happening. I called Verizon but they told me they, too, were appealing to Apple to turn on the FM radio. 

Apple didn’t budge. 

My guess is that Apple is in bed with makers of the for-pay data-driven FM radio “apps.” These apps will be useless in case of a social breakdown or upheaval because ALL data will be shut off by the feds to prevent Americans from finding out what is happening throughout the country. Proving, once again, how corrupt Apple is, their iPod Touch product had a perfect FM radio at 1/10 the size of an iPhone.

4 - iTunes

iTunes suddenly stopped allowing us to buy music in April, 2019. The software “silent update” confounded the long-working use of each person’s Apple ID. iTunes began to fake that your rock solid Apple ID was no longer good. This toxic update ruined iTunes. Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an unnecessary new Mac.

5 - Time Machine

In the good old days, you could hook up each of your Macs directly, one by one, to an external hard disk and back each one up in minutes using Time Machine. When all your Macs were backed up by direct connection, you could then move the external hard disc to the Apple Extreme router and continue having Time Machine back up all your Macs through wifi. No wires. No muss. No fuss.

Then, Apple came out with their highly-flawed Time Capsule product: an Airport Extreme router with an expensive, failure-prone hard drive built in. The flawed Time Capsule product was slow, could not be backed up and could not be maintained with Disc Utility. What a useless product!

Suddenly, Time Machine did not work any longer thru wifi. You could only back up by walking your external hard drive around to each Mac. What nonsense! It was a devious and silent update that destroyed the original Time Machine product. Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an flawed and unnecessary Time Capsule. The news got around quickly: the Apple Time Capsule product is junk. I was given a Time Capsule but never used it because it is junk.

6 - iMovie

Before Apple acquired Final Cut Pro, their (free) iMovie app worked great. Once Apple “acquired” Final Cut Pro, a very expensive replacement for iMovie, Apple sent out a toxic “update” that took away most of the best features of iMovie. Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on the unnecessary Final Cut Pro so they ruined iMovie on purpose with another toxic “update.”

7 - Apple Maps

Maps used to work perfectly. It would quickly ID your home location and quickly draw a Directions map from there to anywhere else. Both of these functionalities were removed in May 2019 by another silent toxic “update.” Apple wanted us to spend a lot of money on an unnecessary new Mac.

8 - iWeb

Apple’s darling web design tool was abandoned. Not only did Apple fail to release iWeb updates, it also failed to support the millions of iWeb customers. Worse than that, it forced each new release of OS X to refuse to run iWeb. All iWeb customers world-wide were thrown overboard again! This shoddy treatment by The Bad Apple has become legendary.

9 - The Terrible Apple ID

Lo and behold, the Apple ID is perhaps the worst idea Apple ever had.

  • 1. If you lose or forget your Apple ID apple will lock up your photos and music forever with no way for you to ever get it back. No matter that you have a dozen top secret federal ID badges to prove that you are you. Forget it.
  • 2. Much to my astonishment, I discovered that when you install an app, the Apple ID at that moment is locked to that particular app. Later when your Apple ID fails (again!) you naturally start a new Apple ID. Now when you try to use the app that is attached to the Apple ID that just failed it won’t work because its Apple ID no longer matches your current Apple ID. You have to delete all your apps and reinstall them using your current Apple ID. This works right up to the time when your current Apple ID fails (again!) at which time you have to go through the delete-reinstall procedure for all your apps AGAIN.
  • 3. If you put off installing a new OS too long, your attempts to upgrade your OS will fail because your Apple ID will prevent the installation.

What a misery the Apple ID turned out to be. If Steve Jobs were still around, he’d fire all the idiots who thought of assigning the Apple ID to software and apps INSTEAD THE APPLE ID BEING ATTACHED TO A PERSON! What nonsense! My Apple ID just failed AGAIN! Apple promised to call me and verify me. Have they called? No. Have they re-activated my Apple ID? No.

One awful let-down after another. That’s The New Normal. PROFIT AT ANY COST.

10 - Apple Kills FTP At OS High Sierra


As part of the celebrated release of OS 10.13 (High Sierra) Apple engineers played the dirty trick of all time on hundreds of thousands of web designers: they shut down FTP.

Quietly (as always) they yanked FTP so that web designers could no longer enjoy their expensive web hosting disk drive allotments. 

When I updated my iMac from Yosemite (OS 10.10) to Sierra and then to Mojave (OS 10.14), it took me two solid days of fretting and fuming trying to figure out why my long-trusted Fetch FTP software would no longer work. I even downloaded the File Zilla FTP app only to find that it wouldn’t work either!

Yesterday, I spent two hours with a VERY bright Apple telephone support person. She, like me, had NO IDEA that Apple had decided to disable FTP. All the Apple customers who needed FTP to do their work were, like all the others, thrown overboard. One of the critical questions I asked is why FTP works inside my Sparkle web design tool but not with Fetch FTP or File Zilla FTP. Sparkle is what I chose for web design after Apple threw all their iWeb customers overboard.

The reason Sparkle’s FTP works and Fetch and File Zilla doesn’t is because the Sparkle engineers wrote their OWN FTP system right into their software.

At this web address


I found the answer.

First some quick background. Modern versions of Mac OS yanked FTP to instead emphasize SFTP usage. Likewise, telnet was removed in favor of ssh. These decisions were probably made to favor the more secure encrypted protocols of SFTP (and ssh), but nonetheless some users may still need to regularly use the older FTP transfer protocol, even if it’s not particularly secure. [ Duh! Ya think? Every web designer needs FTP! ]

FTP was removed in macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave, but FTP and FTP Server do remain in older versions of Mac OS. 

Just like all their other toxic “updates,” this betrayal of all the web designers (like me) who use FTP every day is intolerable and inexcusable.

Thanks to yet another betrayal by Apple, when I want to upload something from my iMac I have to (1) save it to a flash drive, (2) move the thumb drive to a Windows computer (yuk!) and (3) use the not-shut-down FTP system from Windows.

I can’t really express, here in print, how angry I am at Apple (again!) for this, their newest betrayal.

11 - The Horrible Broken Keychain

In order to be able to shut down all their user’s computers quickly and easily (in case of civil unrest or anarchy) Apple has inserted a horrible keychain system between each user/owner and the programs they want to use. When Apple shuts down a user’s keychain, the Mac goes dead.

Trying to re-establish a broken keychain is very very difficult. It took me three days. Even calling Apple tech support didn’t work.

There’s a dandy Catch-22 involved. To “fix” (not!) the keychain, the keychain must be working. 

In trying to repair the newest incarnation of the previous (also failed) Apple ID for phones, I broke my Keychain. 

BOOM ! All my software quit working. 

Somehow, I was able to get my Keychain repaired.

BOOM ! All my software worked again.

August, 2020

So the feds have tried and succeeded in turning off all cell phones for the better part of a day. From www.downdetector.com in August, 2020

Here’s the shutdown that happened to Verizon. The feds flip their switch and nobody talks to anybody else. Neat, huh?

Now Apple has found a way to shut down all their user’s computers. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

It’s a horrible turn of events, once again, brought to you by Apple.

January 19, 2022

It’s happening again today! The feds are testing their Internet kill switch. The primary purpose of the Internet Kill Switch is to shut down all communication when the feds commit tyranny again. 

  • gmail.google.com went out of service yesterday afternoon. Today it produces this message: “The webpage at https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”
  • contacts.google.com produces this message: “This site can’t be reached. contacts.google.com took too long to respond.”
  • YouTube can’t produce a page
  • www.guardian.com can’t produce a page display. Instead this message is provided: “The connection has timed out. The server at www.theguardian.com is taking too long to respond.

12 - Apple Shuts Off Music Inputs

Starting in Mojave or perhaps High Sierra, Apple quietly shut down all music inputs. Musicians who record using a Mac could not get any of their instruments to come through. They could play back old recordings, but not make any new recordings!

This is madness!

You have to get help to find out where Apple did The Bad Thing. 

To get your music turned back on you have to click this in the System Preferences

Then click “Microphone” which is actually all music inputs.

Click the lock icon and type your Mac start-up password.

Finally turn the audio back on to reverse the dreadful and secret Apple move that killed audio.

Hey Apple! Ever heard of something called MUSIC? Do you know or care how many MUSICIANS use Macs? Do you know how many musical lives you have put on hold by your stupidity?

I spent days trying to figure out why my expensive Cubase Pro 11 Digital Audio Workstation and Scarlett audio interface stopped working. I was no longer able to record my instruments and voice.

If Steve were still alive he would FIRE all the idiots who brought on this catastrophe. Many of us think Apple software engineers have lost their  marbles.

I get it. I do. You just do whatever you want even though thousands of customers get thrown overboard. You’ve caused me grief so many times I have lost count. 

Just keeping track of your offenses has become a full time job.

Hey! It’s The Sadderday Times. When we find abuses, it’s our job to let everyone know.

13 - Apple Mojave Shuts Down DVD Backups

Yes that’s right. You heard right. Apple in its (lack of) wisdom decided for all of us that it would best if Macs could no longer back up store-bought DVDs. Wait a minute! You bought it. You paid for it. You own the physical DVD but Apple butts in and prevents you from backing it up? 

The part that really bothers me is that in the nasty message that says copy protected DVDs are “no longer supported,” Apple substitutes the backup software’s logo for the Apple logo making you think that it is the backup software that is preventing the backup procedure. How sly. How slippery. How dishonest.

My guess is that Apple was paid a hefty sum by the movie industry. Apple cares a lot more about “growing their business” than their customers so they “caved in” to the movie industry’s money offer.

Profit at any cost, again. 

Why else would they perform another silent assassination of the very things their customers like?

In Mavericks, my DVD backup software works fine. In Mojave, Apple proudly presents a sour message that protected DVDs can not be backed up. That’s all she wrote. Game over. 

14 - Apple Blocks Copying of DVD Backup Files


Not only will Mojave NOT allow you to back up your DVDs, it will now also prevent you from copying DVD files you already have on-disc! Yes that’s right. You heard right. Apple now blocks both DVD backing up and DVD backup file copying.

15 - A King Kong Bad Idea: Apple AirTags

Just when you thought it was safe . . . Apple invents a pure spying disc that will allow a criminal to track you. It’s called an AirTag.



we read

Police across the US have received reports of devices intended to help locate lost items being used for nefarious purposes. 

An Apple AirTag costs the Bad Guy $29. All he has to do is slip one in your coat pocket, purse or car and then the Bad Guy can track you wherever you go.

In early January, Brooks Nader, a 26-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, was walking home alone from a night out in New York when she received a disturbing iPhone notification telling her she was carrying an “unknown accessory.”

“This item has been moving with you for a while,” the alert read. “The owner [the Bad Guy] can see its location.”

That’s when she knew “something wasn’t right,” Nader told the NBC news program Today. Nader discovered that somebody had slipped an Apple AirTag into her coat pocket while she was sitting in a restaurant earlier. Without her knowledge, the Apple AirTag tracked her location for four hours before Apple’s abuse prevention system triggered the notification to her phone.

When Arizona’s Kimberly Scroop went to local police after receiving an iPhone notification that she was being tracked in September last year, 

“they were not interested in taking a report, and they didn’t [bother to] take my name or phone number,” she says. “They said if I noticed someone following me, to call the police then.”

Wait! What? A woman finds out she is being stalked and there’s no crime there? Give me a break!

So you put Apple’s AirTag spying/surveillance device together with a Bad Guy and the dumbed-down, modern-day, sleepy, lazy, unprofessional police and you have the perfect combination that enables Bad Guys to do bad things.

What level of crime will it take before the police wake up this King Kong threat? That’s anyone’s guess. 

Thanks again, Apple!

16 - Software Makers Adopt The Horrible Apple Keychain

So. How does it work?

Somehow Apple persuades the software maker to adopt their Horrible Keychain. Apple hopes that the Mac user already has made the huge mistake of starting up an Apple Cloud account. If the user has made this big mistake, Apple will store their GATEKEEPER Keychain in the Cloud where Apple can switch off your software quickly and easily. 

Today you can create websites. Insurrection breaks out (again). 

Apple goes CLICK and . . . just like that . . . your website design tool (and every other Keychain-blocked app) now fails to run because the Keychain stopped working.

Here’s how this devious plot appears to the unwary website design software customer.

  • 1. You see a software update notice so you make your first mistake. You do NOT back up your web design app and its data folder.
  • 2. You try out the new version of the app. Everything seems ok, so you save your edited website which stamps your data files with the poison Keychain fingerprints of the new app.
  • 3. The software “fakes you out” by allowing you to save your edits to the Internet.
  • 4. You shut down the website design software and think all is well.
  • 5. Tomorrow you start up the updated website design app and make some more edits. You save your work. You proceed to try to upload your edits to the Internet

    BINGO! The miserable Keychain monster rears its ugly head.
  • 6. You are prevented from saving your website edits unless and until you agree to allow the Apple Keychain GATEKEEPER to insert itself between you and your web pages.

  • 7. Perhaps you saved old versions of your web design software. You run a version of the web design software BEFORE the Keychain was inserted between you and your website.

    BINGO! You receive the poison pill. “You can’t open previous (no Keychain) data with the new Keychain-infected app.

What can you do? 

You have to resort to a backup and retrieve a copy of the software app AND a copy of the data file that existed BEFORE the toxic Keychain data file replacement was written.

You put these into your system and IGNORE all future “invitations” to move to the next version of the app.

There is nothing that can be done about your edits (that get thrown out) between the time you tried out the Keychain-infected new app and the last time you made a backup.

17 - Apple OS Update Disables Their Own Software (Again!)

Yep! They’re at it again. If you make the mistake of advancing your Mac from Mojave to Catalina, iOffice apps will all quit working. If you’ve been using Pages, Numbers or Keynote you’re going to get really angry when they all quit running. 

That’s OK, though, because Apple will provide FREE updates for the software that they, themselves caused to malfunction, right?


You must BUY an upgrade to fix the iOffice software that Apple breaks when the OS is advanced from 32 bit to 64 bit.

What else will quit working?

Should Apple provide free upgrades when they break their own software?


Do they provide free upgrades the way they should?