BOYCOTT The Rolling Stone Magazine

I contacted The Rolling Stone Magazine to inquire about advertising. Know what they said? For a tiny ad where:

  • I do the graphic layout
  • they place my tiny ad
  • they run it in their online magazine (that costs nothing to publish on their own web server)

They wanted $75,000

Can you believe it?

I sniffed The Cult Of Trump and I was right.


we read

Who owns The Rolling Stone Magazine?

How Allegations Of Links To Donald Trump 

Sparked The “Boycott Rolling Stone” Movement

And Led To Fury

Roger Penske with Donald Trump and Roger's youngest son Jay Penske
who is the chairman and CEO of Penske Media Corporation
that owns The Rolling Stone Magazine (Getty Images)

Rolling Stone magazine is being linked to former president Donald Trump and the Saudi government in an [as yet] unconfirmed exposé by a newspaper. An article titled . . .

The Demise of The Rolling Stone Magazine

How A Legendary Magazine
Sold Out to Trump 

and the Saudis

. . . went viral on social media and sparked a controversy. 

The Hill Reporter published the story on Thursday, April 1, alleging that The Rolling Stone Magazine:

Meidas Touch's tweet and the Hill Reporter article had the combined effect of sparking fury on social media and sparking the hashtag #BoycottRollingStone

One Twitter user wrote,

"Rolling Stone used to be the home of Hunter S. Thompson!
Now, people are tweeting #BoycottRollingStone
after their ties to Trump and the Saudis have been exposed."

There’s lots more to read. Use the link near the top of this page to read it.

One thing’s for sure:
I’m never going to advertise in this tainted, corrupt, Cult Of Trump magazine.