The Climate Crisis

See Weather As A Weapon, below.

By Eric Holthaus

Wednesday, June 30 2021


We read

  • On Sunday, the small mountain town of Lytton, British Columbia, became one of the hottest places in the world. 
  • Then, on Monday, Lytton got even hotter – 118ºF – hotter than it’s ever been in Las Vegas, 1,300 miles to the south. 
  • And by Tuesday, the temperature rose to 121ºF. Lytton is at 50 deg N latitude – about the same as London. This latitude should never get this hot. 
  • Seattle’s new all-time record of 108ºF, also set Monday, is hotter than it’s ever been in Miami. 
  • In Portland, the new record of 116ºF would beat the warmest day ever recorded in Houston by nearly 10 degrees.

This heat wave is a perfect storm that has been long in the making. After centuries of fossil fuel burning and decades of warnings from scientists, it’s time to say it: we are IN a climate emergency.

  • Farmworkers in the Yakima Valley will be dealing with temperatures over 100ºF until at least Monday – six more days. 
  • In parts of Pakistan and along the shores of the Persian Gulf, heat waves are already hitting temperatures that are too hot for even healthy people to survive outdoors.
  • “It’s warmer in parts of western Canada than in Dubai,” said David Phillips, senior climatologist for Environment Canada in an interview with CTV. “I mean, it’s just not something that seems Canadian.”

The most shocking part is that all this is happening with just two degrees Fahrenheit of global warming in the 150 years since we started burning fossil fuels on a large scale. 

On our current path, we’re heading for another three to five degrees of warming in half that time.

The heat dome stayed where it was. The fire raged and the town of Lytton has been vaporized. The fire burned the town so fast, there was not even time to warn people to flee. If a resident did not see the danger coming towards them on their own, they perished in the fire.

Totally nonpolluting, non greenhouse gas producing water powered automobiles have been a reality for 50 years now. Jay Leno owns a V-12 water-fueled BMW. Can you imagine? When he wants to “fill it up,” he uses a garden hose!

By this time we could have had 

  • water powered non-polluting hot air furnaces, 
  • hot water heaters, 
  • trains, 
  • cars, 
  • trucks, 
  • busses and 
  • ocean liners. 

WHY don’t we have all non-polluting vehicles after 50 years? Because big oil and gas hide this technology out of reach because they don’t want anything to hurt their PROFITS. 

If they hear about an inventor who has found a method to eliminate fossil fuel use, they either kill the invention or kill the inventor and lock up his/her invention.

Big oil doesn’t care about people, health, the climate disaster and Earth. All they care about is their PROFITS.


Rain Fell On Greenland’s Ice Sheet
For The First Time Ever Known.
Alarms should ring

BY Kim Heacox

Mon 13 Sep 2021 06.07 EDT

Last month, for the first time in recorded history, rain fell on the highest point of the Greenland ice sheet. It hardly made the news. But rain in a place historically defined by bitter cold portends a future that will alter coastlines around the world, and drown entire cities.

The Greenland ice sheet contains four times more ice than all of Earth’s other glaciers and ice fields combined, outside of Antarctica. The largest island in the world, Greenland is more than 36,000 times the size of Manhattan, and ice covers most of it, in many places thousands of feet thick. As carbon dioxide and methane accumulate in our atmosphere, causing our planet to heat (the six warmest years on record have been the last six), the ice sheet disintegrates. Greenland lost more ice in the past decade than it did in the previous century.


Have you heard? We’re in the middle of a huge Climate Disaster? 

What climate disaster?

Oh . . . you know . . . the one which generated the strongest, longest-lasting, farthest-traveling tornado in history. The one that spawned super tornados IN THE DEAD OF WINTER? The one where factory workers were forced to stay on the job even as their factory was being demolished around them? “Profit at any cost.” What a society we live in! Anyway . . . that Climate Disaster.



we read

Why did eight workers at a Kentucky candle factory and six workers at an Illinois Amazon warehouse die this week? They were killed when a powerful tornado destroyed their workplaces, but it wasn’t really the storm that killed them. They were not random victims. They were sacrificed. 

Why did they die? They died because they were inside their workplaces in the path of the storm. They died because they did not leave work before disaster struck. And they did not leave work because they were ordered not to, by their bosses. The factory workers in Kentucky say that managers threatened to fire them if they left. Amazon workers say that they were told not to leave in advance of the storm. They also say that lack of adequate safety procedures is par for the course at Amazon, where the employee handbook notifies workers that they can be fired for leaving without “permission.”



we read

Sun 12 Dec 2021 08.32 EST

Dozens remained unaccounted for on Sunday as rescuers worked overnight searching for survivors after what could be the longest tornado in US history left a trail of destruction from Arkansas to Kentucky, part of a vast storm front that it is feared may have killed at least 100 people.

Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said the path of devastation was about 227 miles (365km) long, which, if confirmed, would surpass the 218-mile Tri-State tornado in 1925, which killed at least 695 people and destroyed 15,000 houses across Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

Temperatures were below freezing in the night in Mayfield, Kentucky, a small city largely leveled by winds estimated at up to 200mph. Survivors rushed to gather their families and find shelter, while a damaged water tower meant no running water for the devastated community as of early Sunday.

Friday night’s storm was all the more unusual because it came in December, when colder weather normally limits tornadoes, said Victor Gensini, an extreme weather researcher at Northern Illinois University.

An aerial view of the destruction in Mayfield, Kentucky, after a tornado ripped through the town. “My ears started popping,” survivors recall terrifying tornado experiences

On Saturday, at least five central and southern US states reported deaths after what president Joe Biden said was “likely to be one of the largest tornado outbreaks in our history,” with an estimated 22 tornadoes touching down.

Weather As A Weapon

Since 1960, the US has been working on using weather as a weapon. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey came ashore and stood still for four days over Houston, destroying lives, property and infrastructure. The lives of the poor people were destroyed. They will never be able to recover.

Hurricane Harvey is a perfect example of weather as a weapon. Hurricanes don’t stand still ! They come ashore, then friction with the earth causes them to turn right, they proceed in a northeast direction and finally die out. Not Harvey! HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) radio wave radiation set up an atmospheric “wall” that caused Harvey to stand still. 


Gag orders and censorship keep the news from telling the TRUTH to The People. Weather reporting DOES NOT show chemtrails even though they can be easily seen from the ground.

The signature of HAARP atmospheric interference is always the same. Remember in school when a bar magnet was placed under a sheet of paper and iron filings were poured onto the paper? See the parallel lines of iron filings?

An astronaut in the ISS (International Space Station) took photos of the Earth for us. Here’s what the atmosphere does when HAARP’s billions of watts of radio waves arrange the metal particles suspended in our atmosphere (put there with chemtrail spraying). See the totally UN-natural bands of “ribbed” clouds? These NEVER occur in nature. They are caused only by HAARP.

Hover over any image to pause the slide show.

Chemtrails are real.
HAARP is real.
Weather warfare is real.

What we have here is really, really bad people doing really, really bad things to our planet while HIDING what they’re doing using gag orders and censorship.