The Coughing Flu

There’s a new flu in town. I searched and searched but could not find one person who could give the new flu a name. 

I’ll call it the coughing flu.

It is VERY contagious. Even being in the same room with someone who coughs without wearing a mask or covering their mouth can pass on this flu.

It starts in the sinuses. While it’s still there, you can eliminate it with one or two Neti Pot treatments including an eye dropper full of tincture of Echinacea. If you stop the flu in your sinuses, it will not progress to your bronchioles and lungs.

Consider the medical community’s response to Covid. They look for Covid in the sinuses but give you a shot in your . . . arm? What nonsense. I believe no “doctor” will ever be holistic enough to prescribe lung vapor medicine to help eliminate a pathogen that is in your . . . lungs. When you were a child, chances are your mom got you a vaporizer and put Vic’s VapoRub in it when you came down with a cough.

Next, it moves into the bronchioles. There it starts to trigger a spasmodic coughing reflex. You cough, but do not cough up anything.

Then, it moves into the lungs.

The coughing is constant, painful and prevents sleep. Some people break their own ribs from coughing so hard. 

Each time you have a powerful cough
you expel infectious flu viruses out of your body
at nearly the speed of sound!

The flu viruses ride on micro-droplets of your cough and can travel through the room you’re in, out the door, and down the hallway in both directions for perhaps 100 feet. 3 or 4 droplets with a flu virus attached is all it takes to infect someone through their nose, mouth or eyes.

I found a treatment that works against the coughing flu. Here it is.

  • 1. Search Amazon and purchase a nebulizer cup, mouthpiece and air hose. You are usually not “allowed” to purchase a complete nebulizer because the AMA would miss out on overcharging you for one.

    I managed to find this complete kit
    at Amazon.
  • 2. Search Amazon and purchase a nebulizer air pump. 
  • 3. In a sterile shot glass, rinsed with steam distilled water, put
    4 drops of tincture of Echinacea and
    1 drop of Rick Simpson hash oil into
    1/4 shot of steam distilled water.
  • 4. Stir well and pour into the nebulizer medicine cup.
  • 5. Latch the medicine cup onto the T pipe and gently connect the air hose. The delivered air pressure is very gentle; the air hose does not have to be forcefully mounted to the medicine cup.

When not using the nebulizer, disconnect the air hose from the underside of the nebulizer medicine cup and place the T pipe in a coffee mug to keep the medicine cup upright.

When a coughing spell takes place, connect the air hose, turn on the air pump, put your finger on the far side of the nebulizer T, put your mouth over the mouthpiece and gently take four deep breaths of the vapor. BOOM! The cough stops for perhaps one hour. When it returns, do the treatment again.

Rick Simpson hash oil is sold at all legal Marijuana dispensaries in tiny syringes (without any needle). Many states have already decriminalized Marijuana. If your state is in the stone age and has not legalized, visit a doctor who will prescribe a medical Marijuana license for you. When the license arrives, go to a nearby dispensary and get your Rick Simpson hash oil. Do this now. Don’t wait for the flu to get your materials together. Put the Rick Simpson hash oil and the dropper bottle of Echinacea in your medicine cabinet and have it ready.

Making a nebulizer with Rick Simpson hash oil (the ONLY KNOWN CURE FOR CANCER) is nearly the same as getting a Rick Simpson hash oil vape pipe from the dispensary. Breathing in “hits” of hash oil vapor from the vape pipe for pleasure or breathing in hash oil vape from your nebulizer is nearly the same process. 

Click this link to watch Rick Simpson’s movie Run From The Cure.

Echinacea is a very powerful healing agent. It eliminates fungus (like athlete’s foot and toe fungus), bacteria (like colds) and viruses (like the flu, Ebola, Haunta, Lassa, Dengue, Covid, Noro, SARS and all the rest).

Before Big Pharma
had all the Echinacea information websites removed
to make their obscene drug profits more secure
you could read all about it.

An expensive Big Pharma antibiotic
only works on bacteria.

When the nebulizer vapor reaches your bronchioles and lungs it heals them.

Using this technique can reduce a flu illness from 8 weeks to 2. It’s worth the trouble to build your nebulizer and use it.