The Covid Plandemic

To do fact checking, I recommend you employ an Internet search engine that does NOT spy on you and track everything you do. Edward Snowden recommends:

As part of my research I watched

  • the movies about Edward Snowden and The Guardian’s reporters
  • the Judy Mikovitz movie Plandemic on You Tube (long gone and deleted by the pharmaceutical companies) 
  • information presented at The Guardian
  • information via

Over 7 million people watched Judy’s movie Plandemic on YouTube before the pharmaceutical companies yanked her movie and replaced it with disparaging remarks about her. 7 million people was nowhere near enough.

Edward Snowden

Remember Edward Snowden? He is the hero, patriot and whistleblower, now living in exile in Russia, who worked for the NSA until he found out about all the spying that was being illegally committed against the American people. 

Originally, the ThinThread system had safety measures to prevent wholesale spying. ThinThread would not show contact details of an intercepted message (telephone call, text, email) unless the FISA Court issued a warrant. Then, the NSA removed all the safety measures from ThinThread. The NSA turned ThinThread into illegal spyware. The NSA then spied on every American, 24 hours a day WITHOUT needing a warrant. 

Warrant-less spying had begun.

Next the NSA installed a PRISM in an AT&T data closet in San Francisco that split the entire fiber optics Internet feed into two streams. One went to its original destination (Europe), the other went into the NSA. The NSA began recording the ENTIRE Internet feed 24 hours a day. Week after week the NSA purchased tall buildings and filled them with row after row of hard drives to record everything. Everywhere Americans went, everything Americans bought, everything they said on the phone and everything they wrote by email, chat or text. 

Twenty-four hours a day,
all spying all the time. 

Then, the NSA built a fleet of drones that could read license plates from 18,000 feet and began recording the movements of all Americans.

We found out that Windows, starting with 10, has spyware built into the core of the operating system. There’s no way to remove it. It tracks everything you do online, records all key presses (passwords) listens via the computer’s built-in microphone and records everything the built-in camera sees. It sends everything back to the NSA.

  • Microsoft bought the Skype chat system and turned it into spyware too. 
  • Zoom (chat) is spyware. 
  • Ring (video doorbell) is spyware. 
  • Same with voice-controlled home radios. 

All spying all the time. Where you went, what you bought, what you said, what you wrote, the websites you visited—all on disc 24 hours a day.

Edward Snowden’s price for telling the truth about all this was to be pursued and hounded by the CIA and the FBI. He fled to China followed by the CIA and FBI. Edward only trusted one newspaper to tell his story

They were the only ones he trusted with some of his documents. The Guardian courageously published Edward’s story. I fear that the dumbed-down population of the US read his story and went, “Huh?” 

Other powerful and courageous friends managed to sneak Edward out of China and into Russia where Edward was free from the risk of 

  • extradition
  • wrongful arrest
  • torture and
  • wrongful life imprisonment. 

Edward did not commit any crimes. The US government was the guilty party. Edward only blew the whistle to tell what’s left of the few remaining patriotic Americans about the crimes the feds were committing. 

Long live Edward Snowden!

Dr. Judy Mikovitz

The next heroic whistleblower is Dr. Judy Mikovitz, who holds a PhD in biochemistry. She uncovered the truth behind the Covid Plandemic. The plandemic is designed to rid the Earth of some of its population and make some of The Filthy Rich even richer. She blew the whistle on “them.” “They” didn’t like having their dirty and deadly secrets exposed. They didn’t like it at all.

The price Dr. Mikovitz has had to pay for trying to let Americans know the truth is terrible:


  • a no-knock home invasion and no warrant arrest by police or the NSA Men In Black (MIB)
  • being arrested without a charge
  • being held without a being accused of any crime
  • her offense was later stated as “a fugitive from justice” which means nothing
  • jailed without a trial
  • having her savings taken and her perfect credit ruined 
  • having her Plandemic movie pulled off of and replaced with dozens of lies about her having been disgraced (a lie) and discredited (also a lie). The disgraced pharmaceutical companies wanted Judy out of the way so they could continue to make lots of money on their patented, untested and dangerous vaccines.
  • placed under a 5-year “gag” order so that if she did any whistle-blowing the pharmaceutical companies would “find new evidence” to jail her with again
  • having her case “sealed” so that well-meaning lawyers could not find anything out and so could not come to her aid. So she was arrested without a charge, jailed without a trial and her court records were made invisible (sealed). I would say it is obvious that powerful people wanter her “out of the way.”

After serving her wrongful arrest jail time, and after her bogus gag order expired, she immediately went back to warning the American public of the dangers they were facing from the pharmaceutical companies.

By some miracle, I was able to find Judy’s movie, The Plague Of Corruption long-ago deleted by the commands of the greedy pharmaceutical companies. You can view it here.

Long live Dr. Judy Mikovitz!

The History Of The Covid Plandemic

Behind it all is, I believe, the Bilderbergs who have commanded that 7 billion 500 million people be killed to “leave room for nature.” 

They’re not shy about it. They set this, the first of their warped Ten Commandments in stone. 

The second Bilderberg commandment is a doozy too—“Guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity.” Wow! Hitler’s eugenics monsters would be so proud. They only left out the part about white skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

The fourth commandment is really scary, too. 

  • Rule passion? 
  • Rule faith? 
  • Rule tradition? 
  • Rule all things with tempered reason?

Who’s tempered reason? The King of the Bilderbergs, I’m guessing . . .

The Georgia Guidestones are on a hilltop in the US state of Georgia. The other “commandments” are just as dreadful.


we read

By Dave Boyer
The Washington Times
Thursday, June 11, 2015 

Cunning power brokers, the members of the Bilderberg Group arrived at a resort in the Austrian Alps Thursday for the start of their annual three-day meeting amid heavy security, protesters, conspiracy theories and a news blackout.

Among the reported attendees are 

  • former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
  • Thomas Donilon, former White House national security adviser under President Obama
  • former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina
  • former CIA Director David Petraeus
  • Mary Erdoes, CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands
  • Goldman Sachs executive Robert Zoellick
  • Jose Barroso, former president of the European Union Commission and 
  • executives of companies ranging from Google to Shell.

The group forbids press coverage of its meetings and doesn’t record its closed-door discussions. Bilderberg did post its agenda on the group’s website, and this year’s topics of discussion are: 

  • artificial intelligence
  • cybersecurity
  • chemical weapons threats
  • current economic issues
  • European strategy
  • globalization
  • Greece
  • Iran
  • Middle East
  • NATO
  • Russia
  • terrorism
  • United Kingdom
  • U.S.A.
  • U.S. elections.”

Remember NAFTA, the free trade agreement that was developed behind closed, locked doors. Presidential candidate Ross Perot (1930 – 2019) hired one lawyer for each NAFTA chapter. The lawyers were to read their chapter and report back to him what it said. 

Ross was appalled by what the lawyers told him. The lawyers were right. NAFTA was a total disaster.

The Bilderbergs meet behind closed, locked doors too. Same thing. If we knew what they were talking about as they determined the fate of the entire world, we would be appalled too. I’m sure of it.

Plandemic Try Number 1—Airborne Ebola

First there was the fairly recent African “breakout” of airborne Ebola. It was a flop because airborne Ebola killed too fast. People still capable of critical thinking thought it was suspicious that the Ebola “break out” took place right down the street from fully setup and functioning 

  • USAMRIID Level 4 biological weapons lab (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) and 
  • CDC Level 4 biological weapons lab (Center For Disease Control) 

Wait! What?

Two Level 4 biological weapons laboratories in Africa just happened to be right down the street from where airborne Ebola broke out?

Yeah. Right. 

The “authorities” even let one infected person “escape” to the US where he was immediately seized and confined in isolation.

Plandemic Try Number 2—Covid

This time a laboratory in China, funded in part by the pharmaceutical companies in the US, played around with the fetal tissue of bats, rodents, pangolins and humans. Once Covid was perfected, they let it “escape” into the world.


Covid worked MUCH better than airborne Ebola. You could have the disease, be totally contagious via touching and exhalations (airborne) and pass it on for two weeks without even knowing that you had been infected.

Three dozen couples have dinner in a restaurant with one person infected with Covid (but still not showing any symptoms). The air-conditioning system blows the virus around the restaurant and BINGO you get 72 people sick with Covid. The infected couples don’t know they’re infected so they infect many more.

Neti Pot Brain Lock

Over and over and over we see images of Americans being tested for Covid. Long Q-Tips are pushed way back in the sinuses to see if the Covid virus is present. They look for Covid in the sinuses but stick a needle in your . . . arm?

If Covid is found never, ever, ever do we ever see medical staff killing the Covid where it is hiding by the use of the ancient Neti Pot treatment.

Heated distilled water, some sea salt and an eyedropper full of tincture of Echinacea is put through the sinuses. Lean over a sink. Tilt you head. The Neti Pot nozzle goes into the upper nostril and drains all through the sinuses and out the lower nostril. Tilt your head back until you taste salt water to clean your all-important Eustachian tubes. The Echinacea kills any bacteria, virus or fungus that it encounters. If Covid is stopped in the sinuses it will not progress to the bronchioles and on into the lungs.

The concept of treating Covid in the sinuses—right where we test to see if it is present—has, somehow, eluded the entire medical community. It’s UNBELIEVABLE!

I believe if a person who thinks they might have been exposed to Covid gives themselves a Neti Pot treatment with Echinacea when they get home, NOBODY would get sick with Covid.

The motorized version of sinus rinsing, as seen on TV, cannot be used because Echinacea can not be added to the fluid in the “no peeking” pouches. “No peeking” indeed! The real Neti Pot technique is centuries old! Just get a porcelain Neti Pot and enjoy your good health.

A Money-Winner For Hospitals

The hospitals made lots of money. Remember the hue and cry for more ventilators? Know why?

  • Because if it's a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they're Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. 
  • But if it's COVID-19 pneumonia, then it's $13,000, 
  • and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.

The ventilators were not for the patients; the ventilators were wanted by the hospitals to make more money. The fact that each time a ventilator was used, it nearly always killed the patient didn’t matter to the health “professionals.”

A person I know of was in possession of several top secret clearances. He visited his doctor in a hospital for a check-up. The hospital got wind of his enormous health insurance coverages and told him, “You are a very rare Covid ‘carrier’ so we’re going to have to isolate you immediately.” The patient yelled, “Bu••sh••” and stormed out of the hospital before the health workers could get their money-grubbing hands on him. He saved his own life by doing so. He saved himself from being weakened by strong sedatives and other intravenous drugs, strapped to a bed and intubated with a ventilator which would have surely killed him. Great victory for the patient. Huge monetary loss for the hospital.

You Have To Come In

I had a prescription for a weak sleep aid. I could not get my prescription refilled unless I “came in.” I said, “Are you serious? You want me to visit a Covid hot spot where every surface and the air itself is loaded with Covid in order to get you to refill my prescription?” The doctor’s answer was yes.

Once again the American medical system turned out to be about money, not good health for the patients.

The Bayh–Dole Act

The The Bayh–Dole Act (or Patent and Trademark Law Amendments Act) opened the door to greed and corruption like no other. This crooked, corrupt law granted medical workers working for the government (being paid with public funds) to file patents for discoveries they made while on the clock! This set into motion a huge stampede of medical workers trying to be the first to patent a Covid vaccine that became “approved.”

The unscrupulous medical workers got paid high salaries by the government and then turned right around and charged that same government huge sums for permission to use the vaccines they discovered while on the job! Almost for sure, they charged other countries even more.

Who Pays The FDA

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has the duty to protect Americans from dangerous drugs.

Congress did the unthinkable: they decided to change the FDA funding so that FDA workers were paid by the same pharmaceutical companies whose dangerous drugs the FDA was supposed to guard us against!

Wait a minute! What?

It is hard to get people to admit
they are doing something wrong
when receiving their paychecks
depends on them NOT admitting it.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that at the instruction of the pharmaceutical companies who pay their salaries, the FDA and CDC have been enthusiastically recommending all the ineffective Covid vaccines made by those pharmaceutical companies. 

The Dreary Tale Of False Cures

The dreary trail of recommendations and the false hopes they generated is as follows:

  • 1. inject Lysol (Trump)
  • 2. inject bleach (Trump)
  • 3. drink bleach (Trump)
  • 4. Hydroxychloroquine (Trump)
  • 5. untested (but approved) vaccine number 1
  • 6. untested (but approved) vaccine number 2
  • 7. untested (but approved) vaccine booster 1
  • 8. untested (but approved) vaccine number 3 (for the Omicron Variant)

How Many Variants Have There Been

Human coronavirus name      Illness

SARS-CoV                             Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

MERS-CoV                            Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)

HCoV-NL63                           Usually mild respiratory illness

SARS-CoV-2                         COVID-19




The Adjuvants

Adjuvants are add-ons that pharmaceutical companies put into vaccines so they cost less to produce. The adjuvants have horrible ingredients that produce scary side effects along with the side effects of the vaccine itself.

  • Death
  • Getting covid from the vaccine
  • Getting a vaccination and catching Covid anyway
  • Gulf War Syndrome symptoms
  • Dementia
  • Autism
  • Stopping platelet production
  • Damaging of the female menstrual cycle
  • Blood clots

Vaccine Refusers

A large percentage of military personnel will NOT allow themselves to be vaccinated.

A large percentage of health professionals will NOT allow themselves to be vaccinated. If necessary, they LEAVE THEIR JOBS and find another line of work to engage in rather than “get the jab.”


we read

Recent polls have found as few as 50% of people in the United States are committed to receiving a vaccine, with another 25% wavering. Some of the communities most at risk from the virus are also the most leery: Among Black people, who account for nearly one-quarter of U.S. COVID-19 deaths, 40% said they wouldn't get a vaccine in a mid-May poll by the Associated Press and the University of Chicago. In France, 26% said they wouldn't get a coronavirus vaccine.

Any coronavirus vaccine will face additional hurdles, especially the lack of a long-term safety record, Johnson says. The frenetic pace of vaccine development may play into that concern. Even advocates have worried that the rush for a vaccine raises the risk it could be ineffective or have harmful side effects. Consider the very name for the U.S. vaccine initiative, Operation Warp Speed, says Bruce Gellin, president of the nonprofit Sabin Vaccine Institute. “What could be a worse name for something that's supposed to give you trust in a product that you want everybody to take?”

In May, a documentary-style video, Plandemic, by Judy Mikovitz, reported that Covid related deaths were exaggerated and a vaccine could kill millions, got more than 7 million views on YouTube before it was removed by the pharmaceutical companies trying to protect their drug patents and profits.

Plans For Vaccine Refusers

As far as I can make it out, by studying the wealth of information on the Internet, the entire Bilderberg conspiracy theory goes something like this. 

  • Being vaccinated kills the patient after some time. 
  • Before that, each vaccinated patient becomes sterile. 
  • When the time comes, you either show your vaccinated badge (like the Nazis made the Jewish people do in World War II) or you get picked up and put on a shackle train. 
  • You get taken to a FEMA concentration camp where, if you DON’T die, you are put to work as a sterile slave laborer. Perhaps, for a short time, the US will return to manufacturing its own products instead of buying cheap copies of them “offshore.” 
  • So who survives and who can still make children? Only the rich and powerful—those who were allowed to skip the sterilizing vaccine.
  • The original 8 billion people have mostly died leaving only 500,000,000 people left on Earth: 
    • a small number of very rich people 
    • sterile slaves going through a slow death in the concentration camps 
    • a small number of prized sterile slaves who serve the very rich.

The Evidence

  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recently bought 1.5 BILLION rounds of hollow point bullets. The only use for such bullets is to KILL people. (Done.)

  • Army training for special troops to handle and process vaccine dissenters (Done). I think we got our first look at them during the recent inequality demonstrations. Men In Black showed up in riot gear, without badges, without identification, in unmarked vans and seized demonstrators, handcuffed them with double tie-wraps and drove the demonstrators away in unmarked vans to unmarked secret locations where they were held without being charged.

  • UN (white) Shackle Trains for transporting the un-vaccinated (Done)

    Each Shackle Train is equipped with one guillotine for trouble-makers. (Done) After it is used the first time, the remaining trouble-makers quiet right down.
  • Concentration camps all across the US to hold vaccine refusers (Done)

  • Millions of large plastic FEMA coffins for the dead secretly stored in unused farm fields all across the US (Done). In this partial photo we see 33 stacks of coffins 18 high x 3 bodies per coffin = 1,782 bodies! There are many more coffins at this site and many more sites like this one all over the US.

Summary Of The Clues

  • 1. The Bilderberg Guide Stone Commandments
  • 2. Covid first appearing right near a Chinese Level 4 biological weapons laboratory.
  • 3. Judy Mikovitz, the Covid whistle-blower “taken away” in the middle of the night by MIB and jailed without a trial, without being charged with a crime, and with her case records “sealed” (so no lawyer could help her).
  • 4. FEMA orders 1,500,000,000 (one and a half BILLION) rounds of hollow point ammunition. 
  • 5. White UN shackle trains each equipped with a guillotine.
  • 6. FEMA concentration camps strategically located all around the US. If imprisoned Americans try to escape back to freedom, they’re probably shot with FEMA hollow point bullets.
  • 7. Perhaps 1,500,000,000 plastic coffins.
  • 8. Unmarked MIB picking citizens up off the street and taking them to unmarked holding facilities using unmarked vans during the inequality demonstrations.
  • 9. Demonstrators being held without being charged with any crime.

We’re all intelligent people.

Put these clues together and what do they suggest?

So . . . in summation . . . who wants to volunteer for vaccine #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.?

Not me.

Americans who are refusing the Covid vaccine (the contents and side effects of which are still unknown) call themselves The AWAKE and The UNJECTED.

This Just In
False Positive “Tests”


we read

Since states started reopening in May, COVID-19 cases have increased in the United States. A June 27 post claims that’s because the labs that process coronavirus tests are falsifying results.

"It’s frightening how we’re being rail railroaded," reads the post, which is a screenshot of an Instagram post from Jeffrey Sebelia, the winner of the third season of "Project Runway." "My mom actually knows a nurse in San Francisco who was giving COVID tests. After every test came back positive she got suspicious. So she sent in two separate blank tests using unused swabs. These two tests both came back positive."

Sebelia said his mom and some co-workers used fake names to submit 10 unused swabs that all tested positive.

"What the hell is going on?" reads the post, which we cannot access since Sebelia’s account is private. 

"It’s beyond greed and money for hospitals. We are being controlled and manipulated beyond anything we could ever imagine."