The Crimes Of Big Oil

Sure the Exon Valdez catastrophe was a terrible crime against Nature. There have been others. 

Big Oil spends a LOT of money trying to avoid being seen as the ones causing The Climate Emergency. If an inventor announces a non fossil fuel propulsion system for automobiles, he is either PAID off or BUMPED off by Men In Black from Big Oil.


we read

It was the 21st of March 1998, when American Inventor Stanley Meyers sat down to lunch at a Cracker Barrel diner in rural Ohio. He ordered cranberry juice and the soup of the day. Ten minutes later, he would be dead, his last words an accusation of murder.

This one was to be his crowning achievement: a vehicle fueled not by polluting hydrocarbons, but by good old H20 – the most plentiful substance on earth. It could cross the United States on just 75 litres of distilled water, emitting only oxygen as waste. It would revolutionise transport and transform industry. It would change the world, and create astronomical wealth. Meyers said he had a working prototype, a dune buggy painted in a spectacular shade of retina-damage orange; emblazoned with a gaudy American Flag and the words “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

According to witnesses, the meeting passed cordially and uneventfully. It concluded with a toast – the Belgians raising their champagne glasses, and Meyers his cranberry juice. He took a sip; convulsed, grasping at his neck; burst from his seat and ran from the restaurant into the carpark where he collapsed. As he lay on the tarmac, he gasped to the startled onlookers who surrounded him: “they poisoned me.” And then he died.

What do I think? I think Men In Black from Big Oil killed him so they could lock his invention away. The MIB didn’t want to save the planet, they wanted to save their evil profits. 

Destruction Of The Ozone Layer

Destroying the Earth’s ozone layer letting in UV-A, UV-B and now UV-C. After UV-C comes X-Rays. When these start getting through, never mind getting skin cancer, you’ll be getting dead. Life on Earth will come to an end.

Offshore Oil Wells

Oil companies, who have spent millions sponsoring Climate Disaster Deniers have quietly been raising the height of their oil drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico in response to warnings about higher seas and stronger storms. So far, oil companies have secretly and quietly raised oil platforms from

  • 40 ft. above sea level in 1940,
  • to 70 ft. above sea level in the 1990s, to
  • 91 ft. above sea level today.

They still got it wrong. Hurricane Harvey shut down all the Climate Disaster Oil Drilling Platforms in the Gulf.



we read

In Texas, the connection could scarcely be more apparent [between the guilty oil companies and their crimes]. Hurricane Harvey ripped through the oil fields, forcing oil rigs and oil refineries to shut down, including those owned by the 25 oil companies that have produced more than half the greenhouse gas emissions humans have released since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the place where climate disaster was originated, and the place where the policies that prevent it from being admitted to and addressed have been formulated.

Oil Spills

Oil spill disasters are almost too numerous to keep track of! Here are just a few of Big Oil’s Greatest Hits.

  • The Exxon Valdez Disaster. The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 24, 1989, when the Exxon Valdez, an oil tanker owned by Exxon, that was bound for Long Beach, California struck Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef, 1.5mi (2.4km) west of Tatitlek, Alaska at 12:04a.m. and spilled 10.8million US gallons (257,000bbl) (or 37,000 tons) of crude oil over the next few days. It is considered the worst oil spill worldwide in terms of damage to the environment. The Exxon Valdez spill is the second largest in U.S. waters, after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in terms of volume of oil released.

  • The Santa Barbara Oil Spill Disaster (January 1969)

  • The Alexander L. Kielland Disaster (March 1980)

  • The Ocean Ranger Disaster (February 1982)

  • The Deepwater Horizon Disaster (April 2010) The destruction of the Deepwater Horizon is one of the worst offshore disasters in recent memory. The rig, owned by Transocean and drilling for the disgraced BP Oil Company, exploded and caught fire on April 20, 2010 off the Louisiana coast. In March 2010, an accident went unreported that damaged the blowout preventer (which had gone un-inspected since 2005). On the night of the explosion, BP engineers saw warning signs hours before the blowout that the well was going to explode.

The Big Plastic Recycle Lie

Big Oil spent millions lying to Americans that plastic was ecological because it could be recycled. Read about this HUGE lie in this page.

Street Car / Light Rail Destruction

Many cities used to have light rail transportation. Los Angeles was one of them. Here is a map of the once-fabulous LA light rail system.

Big Oil bought up all the right-of-way (tracks) and the electric (totally non-polluting) rail cars, pulled up all the tracks and destroyed all the beautiful streetcars. Here is what Big Oil did to the LA streetcars just prior to setting them on fire.

The ride from downtown LA to the Santa Monica Pier cost $2. The charge for moving freight was $1 per ton. Streetcars didn’t use oil and gas like cars and smelly busses did. Streetcar passengers could read or work on paperwork as they rode along without worrying about driving.

What Big Oil wanted was cars and busses not beautiful, non-gas-guzzling, non-polluting streetcars. Once the streetcar systems were all destroyed, you could take a cab to Santa Monica for $75, ride in a smelly bus or drive your own car. 

Car owners were forced to learn the pleasures of:

  • buying an expensive car
  • watching out for bad drivers
  • concentrating on the road and driving
  • avoiding road flaws and potholes
  • buying expensive car insurance
  • paying expensive license plate fees
  • buying gas and oil
  • paying for parking
  • traffic jams
  • fossil fuel fumes
  • smog

What a catastrophe Big Oil has caused! Here is an automatic slideshow from the years gone by. To pause, hover over any photo.

The rolling resistance of a hard, almost inflexible streetcar wheel, on a similarly inflexible track has a coefficient of rolling resistance of approximately 0.001, approximately ten times lower than a bus tire and as much as twenty times lower than a correctly inflated car tire on asphalt. Streetcars do not produce mountains of discarded tires which are a huge fire hazard. Each car or bus tire holds gallons of water after a rain and so are perfect breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitos.

A double decker bus traveling at 30mph along a smooth tarmac road needs 24,900 Watts of power to keep it moving. The same bus running on streetcar wheels on metal tracks would need only 3,500 Watts! That’s 7 times LESS power even before taking into account the inefficiency of gas and diesel fuel power!

An electric motor converts the electricity supplied to it into motion with around 90% efficiency. 

A diesel combustion engine loses 60% of the energy from the fuel as heat before it is converted into motion. That means the bus above, needing 24,900 Watts of power to keep moving at 30mph, actually needs 62,200 Watts from its fuel. 

62,200 Watts for a bus
3,500 Watts for a streetcar. 

A streetcar needs 18 times less power than a bus to keep moving. 

Not only do streetcars have only a fraction of the rolling resistance of “rubber” tires, they produce NO exhaust emissions and far less particulate pollution. The particulates that streetcars produce are particulates of Iron, known as FePM. One study on such releases from streetcars, show the majority are generated from braking in confined areas. 

Particulate emissions from streetcars are only a fraction of the pollution caused by tire clad automobiles on tarmac.

What do I think? 

  • I think Big Oil should replace every streetcar system they destroyed.
  • I think Big Oil should be forced to visit cities where, by some miracle, the light rail systems were NOT destroyed by them. They should ride the rails and talk to the passengers. Big Oil is to visit San Francisco. Portland. Boston. New Orleans. San Diego.
  • I think Big Oil should take a tiny fraction of the obscene profits they made and the vast costs of cleaning up their oil spills and use it to replace the streetcar tracks they ripped out.
  • I think Big Oil should take a tiny fraction of the obscene profits they made and the vast costs of cleaning up their oil spills and replace the beautiful streetcars they ripped out, stacked and burned.
  • I think the fast lanes of congested freeways should be replaced with streetcar tracks. Who wants to park in traffic on a stalled freeway when the happy streetcar riders go wizzing by totally unobstructed. 
  • I think freeway overpasses should be retrofitted with ramps down to the fast lane streetcar stations.
  • I think Big Oil should pay the total bill for making this happen for the same number of years that Big Oil deprived us of the streetcar systems they destroyed.

Yep. That’s what I think.