The Dumbing Down
Of America

The federals “took over” education in America after World War II in 1945. 

Back then, Americans could get a full college education FOR FREE. Today, a college education is so expensive, only the rich and powerful can afford to send their children to college. You can, of course, go the student loan route. Then you start off life deeply, deeply in debt. Once you have your PhD, you find you can’t get a suitable job. That’s because the feds are letting thousands of foreign PhD graduates into the US on H1B visas. The foreign PhDs have the same degree you do, but their salary requirements are 1/20th. of yours. They get the top jobs, not you. Sounds just great doesn’t it?

Now, George Carlin is right. What “they” don’t want is Americans capable of critical thinking. Americans who can sit around the breakfast table and discuss how bad “things” have become. All “they” want is OBEDIENT WORKERS. Obedient workers who have just enough “education” to operate the machines and fill out the paperwork. Add to that “globalization” where American workers are in competition with Chinese prisoner laborers (who earn 15¢ a year) who now make cheap, wrong-sized, non-working, failure-prone copies of the quality products Americans used to make, and you start to see the Big Picture.

The feds wanted Americans to get less education and they got what they wanted. Why did the federals want dumbed-down citizens? Because it’s much easier to lie to them and get them to follow an unfit leader. They blindly followed an un-fit leader in WW II Germany, committing atrocities for their insane leader at every turn. Now we see The Cult Of Trump. 

The Dumbed Down blindly follow The Idiot even though he:

  • lies, 
  • cheats on his wife with Russian hookers and US porn stars, 
  • must worship and obey Putin’s commands because Putin has videotape of The Idiot cavorting with Russian hookers while he was married to Melania,
  • steals, 
  • abuses women, 
  • denies a pandemic, 
  • calls himself the chosen one, 
  • called Covid-19 “Kung Flu” and ignored it until he killed hundreds of thousands of Americans
  • calls the climate disaster “a Chinese hoaxsssss,” 
  • calls chemtrails a conspiracy theory, 
  • recommends insane cures for Covid, 
  • cannot read, write or speak English. 

Trump’s administration spent their time PREVENTING Trump from doing the stupid and awful things he wanted to do. Still, in four years, Trump wrecked the USA.

Here, as proof positive, is the eighth grade final exam from Bullitt County Schools (near Louisville, KY) November, 1912, 33 years before the feds took over.

College students of today can not pass this test that was used before the dumbing down process began.

Rather than pontificate . . . I’ll just let the test speak for itself.

Presumably, the teacher would read these words and the students had to write them, correctly spelled, in their exam booklet.