Financial Hibernation

US citizens are sicker, poorer and more frightened now
than at any other time in history.

Compared to the courageous and bold Americans
who inhabited this country before, during
and after World War II,
we are a dismal mess now.


The banks brought the country down during the 30s in the time of the Great Depression Number One. They did this with the evil trick of allowing the purchase of stocks “on margin.” The American paid about 10% and the brokerage firm paid the rest as a LOAN. When the banks did a margin call, the ENTIRE AMOUNT OWED was demanded of the poor American investors. The could not pay and so they were mostly wiped out. Once again, the rich got richer and the poor got wiped out.


Banks destroyed 150 million American families with their Great Depression Number Two called The Securitized Sub-Prime Mortgage-Backed Investment Ponzi Scheme in 2008. This time the bank’s evil trick was allowing Americans to buy a tiny piece (a “tranche”) of a collection of crummy (sub-prime) mortgages. After ruining the economy and foreclosing on 150 million American families (who were thrown out on the street) banks went on to take possession of all the homes they foreclosed on (stole from American families). The rich got richer and the poor got wiped out.

What happened to big rich companies? They declared they were “too big to fail” and had their bankruptcy paid for them by generous government gifts of money. To generate all this fiat (fake) currency, the fed (a private company) printed images on blank paper and called it “money.”

On top of that, TPTB (The Powers That Be) secretly awarded each bank $50,000 for every American family they threw out of their homes. Banks did NOT offer the mortgage modifications the American families needed! Banks didn’t want more paperwork. They wanted the fifty grand. Banks printed foreclosure text on a few sheets of blank paper in order to steal an American’s home. The “fed” does the same thing. The fed prints new fiat (fake) currency on blank paper and tricks us into calling “money.” 

Next the horrid IRS approached the homeowners (now living in tents out on the street) and told them that they had to pay tax on the full value of their mortgage! Can you believe it? The banks pocketed all the money but the IRS wanted the homeowners to pay the bank’s taxes. 

The IRS must be abolished
and a low, simple flat tax instituted
so that everyone pays it:
churches, non-profits and all corporations.

The new tax code should fit on one business card.

THIS is the new tax code.
The tax is 5%. Everyone pays tax.
No exceptions, write-offs or deductions.
The IRS is disbanded.


The banks then went on to become untrained real estate agents, brokers, home inspectors and appraisers. 

How many bankers went to jail
for committing these horrible crimes?

When all was said and done we had:


What did the rich people do? They demanded that the police make the homeless Americans move out of the ghetto they moved into when the banks stole their homes. The rich people wanted to locate the ghettos farther away from them. So . . . they threw the homeless Americans out on the street AGAIN !

Imagine a country where Americans are first thrown out on the street by evil banks and then thrown out on the street again by rich people who wanted the homeless Americans to live in a ghetto somewhere else. And what organization was used to move the homeless the second time? The corrupt police.

Would you want to live in such a country?

When greedy, corrupt rich people make life this unbearable, there really is only one thing to do: HIBERNATE (now also known as Shelter In Place).

What did Americans do the last time these hardships were put on them? Read The Sadderday Times article The Declaration Of Independence.

This book is about the America of today.
It is rightly named
Financial Hibernation 

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