How To Order


The books Out Here and Burt Shonberg’s Long Lost Photo Album are the only ones that need to be shipped as a hard copy. All the rest of the books are sent as PDF files via email. 


  • 1. Click any “Add to Cart” button to add that product to the shopping cart. When finished shopping, click any “View Cart” button to complete your purchase.

  • 2. Send a payment with Western Union.
  • 3. Send a check or money order using US funds to our PO Box
    Sherman Keene
    PO Box 90083
    Tucson  AZ  85752

    To speed up your order, send an email using the Contact Us menu item at the top of the page.


No matter where in the world you are, you can follow this simple procedure to make purchases.

  • 1. Send us an email using the Contact Us menu item on the top of every page. Tell us what you would like to order.
  • 2. We’ll email you an invoice (in your currency) that can be paid at any Western Union counter in your country. 
  • 3. Just visit a customer service counter at any supermarket or drugstore. Most countries allow Western Union services.
  • 4. Tell them you want to transmit cash to the US. 
  • 5. Western Union will have you fill out a tiny form consisting of my state (Arizona) and my name (Sherman Keene). 
  • 6. Pay the invoice amount using your currency. 
  • 7. Western Union gives you a 10 digit MTCN number. 
  • 8. Email this number to me. 

That’s it! Your PDF will be sent by email (in most cases) the same day.


If the music library you are ordering is small enough, we’ll put it on a CD. If the library is huge (like the Meditations) we’ll put it on a flash (thumb) drive and send it to you by First Class Mail.