How The Power Elites Take Over
One Country After Another

A Report From Yugoslavia

What happened there is now happening in the US.

How It’s Done
Step By Step


All this happened
because the people didn’t realize
who their real enemy actually was.

Their real enemy was The Power Elite high up in their penthouses, smoking cigars and drinking brandy as they watched the rioting taking place down on the street. 

We The People were brainwashed into believing that other people were the enemy.

The Power Elite want Americans to hate each other and kill each other. Meanwhile, they scurry around removing the few remaining Constitutional Rights from We The People.


These are horrors
that have already become a part
of life in the USA!
When will We The People
say, “ENOUGH ?”

Crooked elected officials must be removed from office, tried and jailed. Crooked judges must be disbarred and removed. Presidents, representatives, governors, mayors, judges must be held accountable for their actions.

Rampant government tyranny was just demonstrated by the un-uniformed un-identified Men In Black in their un-identified black vehicles. 

The only way to protect yourself and your family from more and more tyranny is to buy firearms, learn to use them and be ready to use them against tyranny.