Spiritual campfire stories of a three-time NDE†.

How the lives of every one of us is woven into a fabric of love and learning and adventure. • How Angels work their magic. • Descriptions of my three deaths and views from The Other Side. • The purpose of life: to notice the signs that Spirit gives us.

(† Near Death Experience)


ISBN 0-942080-21-1

(PDF Version) 303 pages

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A short and courageous look at the Holy Men of planet Earth against the backdrop of a limitless universe.

In Carl Sagan’s amazing book, Contact, made into a movie, comes the answer to a child’s question, “is there life on other planets?” This book is an extension of Eleanor “Ellie” Arroway’s answer, “But I guess I'd say if it is just us . . . seems like an awful waste of Space.”

A comparison of ancient and modern-day religious theory and practices. The world’s newest “religion” is examined in quite some detail due to the author’s having to live as a “Gentile” among the “Faithful” in Salt Lake City for many years.

In search of answers to deep and piercing questions no one else is asking.


ISBN 0-942080-35-1

(PDF Version) 35 pages

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