The Six Corporations That Own All Our News

In the USA, the news departments used to be the “loss leaders.” They were not expected to make money. They always lost money.

Then came the TV show 60 Minutes. This one show changed the news forever because it was very popular and made lots of money.

When corporations found out that news could MAKE monty (instead of losing money) they took tight control of the news shows, trying to make MORE money.

So now, just like radio stations which no longer play the music that the DJs (and their fans) like, but instead, play only the music on a list that ONE PERSON determines . . . every news outlet can only produce the news that the owning corporations want published. You only get to learn about what the corporations will LET you learn about.

Here are the corporations and some of the news outlets they hold a complete strangle-hold over.

When, for example, was the last time you read about

  • The Investigate 911 marches in New York who are demanding to know why World Trade tower 7 was demolished, fell at free-fall speed, fell perfectly into its own footprint and was turned to powder and melted steel just like World Trade Center towers 1 and 2 and WAS NOT HIT BY ANY AIRPLANE. An English news crew broadcast that Building 7 had been demolished 20 minutes before it was! You could actually SEE Building 7 over the newscaster’s shoulder out the newsroom window as she announced it, too, had been demolished.

  • The constant flow of melted nuclear fuel rods into the sea at the  Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. The radiation has reached all the way to California beaches. You can still go surfing, swimming and boogie boarding, but afterwards you glow in the dark. The Fukushima waste water is now stored in a huge tank farm right next to the ocean. The Japanese government’s plan is to pour all this radioactive waste water into the ocean ending fishing around Japan forever?

  • How daily high altitude spraying of deadly poison dust known as chemtrails is killing humans, lakes, rivers, the oceans, crops, bees and making trees unable to perform water uptake making them dry as tinder and making them burn explosively.

  • The narrowly-missed nuclear disaster at the Indian Point nuclear power plant that is located directly upwind from New York City. If the disaster had taken place, it would have made New York City uninhabitable for 30,000 years. The local residents would have had no way to escape the area on the one and only narrow road leading into and out of the area. A news crew landed a helicopter on the site and walked around the spent nuclear fuel pools totally un-challenged by the power plant “security.”

    Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “Since my time as Attorney General, I have been deeply concerned with the safety of the Indian Point nuclear power facility. It does not belong on the Hudson River and [it does not belong] in close proximity to the most densely populated area in the country,”

    Indian Point’s two operating units were also built within one mile of a major seismic zone, making them especially vulnerable to earthquake damage.

  • Nuclear disasters! That’s something you don’t read about in the news either. Let’s face facts! If nuclear power were safe we would not have such a long history of nuclear tragedies and near-disasters.