The Times They Are A-Changin’

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Trump’s opening rally.

6,200 Show Up In Tulsa Instead of 19,000. 

Outside “overflow” stage quickly taken down 

due to the embarrassment of the dismal attendance.

Democrats from the House Of Representatives take a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to commemorate the loss of George Floyd’s life under the knee of police officer Derek Chauvin for that length of time.

Some demonstrators in Texas wanted to show up more effectively in the huge crowd so they rode their horses.

Found On A Fence In Tucson

A “few” demonstrators showed up to protest: the killing of George Floyd, the stupidity of our president, racial inequality, injustice and the violent mentality of police in the US where crooked laws allow police to commit murder and get away with it.

A few more demonstrators.

Can you even imagine this taking place in front of  you?

Ever wonder why the “news” is missing so much of what is going on in the world? It’s because of censorship, gag orders and corporate control. The real news is now hidden behind the Iron Curtain Of Secrecy. 

How recently have you heard news of: 

  • The poisonous Chemtrails raining down killing us, crops, trees and oceans? 
  • The Ozone layer destroyed by use of fossil fuels? Going outside, you now get ultraviolated:  UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and soon X-RAYS?
  • The on-going Fukushima meltdown oozing melted nuclear fuel rods into the sea? 
  • The identical demolition of World Trade Center Building 3? 
  • No airplanes or black boxes found at Shanksville, the Pentagon or New York? No clothes, luggage or jet fuel found either. 
  • The tiny tiny mystery hole in the Pentagon? An airplane full of fuel with huge wings makes a 14 foot diameter hole and there’s no fire? Wake up Americans!
  • An army of dump trucks and bulldozers already in position and ready to go within seconds to bury the crime scene evidence outside the Pentagon in gravel?
  • The waiting tanker ships in position and ready to receive the melted steel evidence from the three demolished buildings in New York and set sail to China? The  steel evidence was destroyed by melting it down. Destroying crime scene evidence is a crime!
  • Three Super Nano Thermite building demolitions in New York on 911? Molten steel found in all three basements? No way jet fuel can melt hardened steel.
  • Building 3 was completely left out of the “911 official report.” The Investigate 911 marchers in New York asking why? 
  • The Climate Disaster? Melting polar ice caps? Rising sea water?
  • Australia: Moreton Bay’s deadly Climate Disaster seaweed that covers the  ocean floor at the rate of a football field an hour? 
  • The Everglades already being ruined by rising sea level? 
  • Ready to canoe to the third floor of the golden hotel in New York? The power in the basement is all shorted out by sea water, but it’s still an interesting place to visit to practice stair climbing in the looted, deserted building.
  • Read any news about Ronald Reagan’s alteration of the Social Security system making it possible for him and each president that came after him to steal all the retirement funds each year (instead of these funds being saved for Americans)? The SS system should have more than 2.9 trillion dollars in it. What’s in the General Fund today? $O. What’s in the Trust Fund today? A bunch of meaningless IOUs that are worth nothing! So now we have more tanks, bombers, fighter jets, A bombs and expensive wars. What we don’t have is our Social Security money because each president steals all of it each year for “funding” their pet projects. 

We think 

the closest you can get to real news 


Give them a look. 

Good luck out there. Stay well.

Remember  disgraced president Nixon waving goodbye from the steps of his Marine One helicopter? Here is disgraced ex-president Trump getting ready to wave goodbye. What would be an adequate punishment for this terrible criminal? I think one year of solitary confinement for each lie he told: 

a 20,000 year jail term. 


See the left wing pass behind a distant building? Its a CGI layering error. It’s how we know that this movie is a FAKE. See the huge pod under the right wing? Commercial airliners never have a pod under a wing. Also: every expert knows a hollow, flimsy aluminum airplane wing cannot slice through reinforced concrete floors and hardened steel vertical beams. It’s just not possible. In movies we see molten steel pouring out of the buildings. Jet fuel can NOT melt steel. The experts all tell the same thing, but their words are not being presented to Americans.

Donald! Mr. Donald! Please come out! There are some things we want to tell you. All of us are doing the right thing. We are all expressing our Constitutional right of peaceable assembly for a redress of grievances.

Study showing how one infected person (A1) gives Covid-19 to others in a closed restaurant with the air conditioning spreading the disease. The dates  the infection showed up in the other people are shown in red. See Table C? It took only 7 days for diner C1 to get infected!