Remember Trump?

If I were the judge assigned to the long, long, long list of crimes committed by Trump, I would sentence him as follows.

1 year for each American he killed by claiming Covid was only “Kung Flu” and doing nothing about stopping the Covid Onslaught.

Sentence: 460,689 years of solitary confinement with no cell phone. 

So long, goodbye, farewell.

Remember the Lincoln Project. God bless ‘em.

There’s Mourning In America

Trump’s Best Words

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger
The Pilot of US Airways Flight 1549
Who Safely Landed On The Hudson River

Well, there was once a truthful video commenting on Trump’s atrocious changes to wildlife laws. The Cult Of Trump forced YouTube to remove the video. This is all that is left. In case you thought the US government was not engaging in censorship, this example should convince you that it IS.

Sara Cooper “Doing” Trump

And Finally, By All Means
Let’s Not Forget Trump’s Folly.

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A Section Of The Incomplete Trump Border Wall
In South Texas Cost US Taxpayers $27 Million a Mile . . .

. . . Defeated By $5 Ladders