I only have two radio ads from my days with Spirit. Here they are.


L to R: me, Diane Lindsay, Aeros Theda Ken Park






Aeros & Maryvonne


Ken Park

Beverly Wright

Menage Intro By Councilman Bernardi

Ike & Tina Turner Review

I played rhythm guitar

Playing In Frank Zappa’s Band Me far left playing my 3/4 size John Lennon Rickenbacher. Frank is still in a wheelchair on the far right.

Blow up of me singing and playing at the Wakajawaka Recording Session


L to R: Randy California, Ed Cassidy, me

Lost In The Moment Again

I’m Not Bad I Just Look Bad

Playing My Short Neck Mustang Bass With A New Set Of Kick @$$ Rotosound Bass Strings

Spirit 4. After a show.

Spirit Photo Shoot 1

This was the main publicity shot

Spirit Photo Shoot 2

“Give me some attitude, boys . . .”

Spirit Photo Shoot 3

That’s better . . .

Spirit Photo Shoot 4

Hey Cass, put the hoodie up for the camera

Spirit Photo Shoot 5


What happened to ticket prices

like these?

The Spirit of ’76

I thought up the album name

Son of Spirit

I thought up the album name again.

Warming up un-plugged in the Santa Monica Civic dressing room with Randy California

Randy and I Warming Up

Getting ready to go on stage

Spirit Marquee at

Doodle’s Showcase Atlanta, Georgia

At Ebbetts Field

Arizona Republic 1

Arizona Republic 2A

Arizona Republic 2B

Arizona Republic 3

Arizona Republic 4

1975. My First Public Appearance With Spirit As A Power Trio. The Other Special Guest Was KISS.