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A book about rich and powerful people and how they misuse their powers. Just like the tiny, feeble person behind the curtain (in The Wizard Of Oz) these people sit comfortably in their expensive penthouse offices, sipping brandy and counting their multi-million dollar bonuses while the real Americans are down on the street, in the freezing cold, being arrested for exercising their Constitutionally-given right to A Peaceable Assembly For A Redress Of Grievances.

Meanwhile, totally un-checked, the lobbying sickness has infected every level of our government. All our elected officials ignore the oath of office they take (to preserve and protect the Constitution) as they hope and pray they can continue in office so they can collect more and more obscene amounts of bribery money from corporate lobbyists. 

Are these people really The Powers That Be? Yes they are.


ISBN 0-942080-31-9

(PDF Version) 181 pages

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What happened when Americans fell asleep at the wheel.

This is a 788 page book! Please pardon the long description.

First some valuable reader comments.


“This book is a masterpiece!  My wife and I have been discussing the contents of your book thus far for 5 days now.”

“You have an extraordinary writing style (truly). 

Your information gathering techniques are totally all-encompassing and you have scared the s**t out of us.”

“I know what you are saying is true—however, I never knew to what depth it has been going on and how close we are to a total collapse. My first thought was that you need to get this into the hands of a powerful news source (20-20, CNN, Ken Burns, etc.), however, I truly fear for your health and life. You are becoming the kind of target they go after.”

So? How do you think things are working out financially for your family and for the people you know?

Did you enjoy The Second Great Depression of 2008 when 10 million Americans lost their homes and their jobs? Do you know who caused it and why it happened?

Ever wonder why the $787,000,000,000 ($787 billion dollars) went to the guilty banks instead of the impoverished citizens who were harmed by these banks?

World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 were demolished to a fine powder. No airplane hit can do that! No airplane hit building 7 yet it turned into fine powder too and free-fell into its own footprint just like buildings 1 and 2. Ever see the Investigate 911 marchers on TV? Wonder why they’re never in the news?

Two presidents, their staffs and the NSA committed millions of federal felonies by covertly spying on EVERY American’s phone conversations, medical records, emails, text messages, credit card activities, social networking websites, personal address books and bank account information without court-ordered warrants. Why weren’t they all arrested, tried and sent to Jail?

It’s a Pandora’s Box to start learning about the evil deeds that are being done by the greedy, powerful and wealthy people. Lots of important people have been telling us we’re being ripped off—the early presidents, Charles Lindberg, Noam Chomsky and lots of others. Books are being written, documentary movies are being made, Frontline (the most awesome show on TV) is doing their part—but we’re just not listening.

It’s almost too late to turn things around. You could go on waiting for things to improve, or you could start to educate yourself about the horrible corruption that has been taking place while you have been asleep at the wheel and get involved.

Want to understand America’s predicament better? This is the book for you.


ISBN 0-942080-24-6

(PDF Version) 788 pages

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What happened when Americans stopped getting involved.

The rich and powerful don’t care about us or the rest of humanity at all. The motto they live by is everything for me and nothing for anyone else.

The entire world is catching on. The only ones who are not are the Americans.

This book pulls down the Iron Curtain Of Secrecy and shows the guilty people who have acted in secret to devastate our lives.

George Carlin had it exactly right. “All these rich and powerful people want is obedient workers! Obedient workers! Workers who are only smart enough to run the machines and fill out the paperwork. They have a secret CLUB and you are NOT in it! They don’t care about you. They don’t care about you at all.”

I am going to try my best to not repeat my ground-breaking book, Dispossessed. That book is a history of every badness that has been visited upon Americans all the way back to the beginning of our country. Instead, Cutthroat Nation will try to focus on the recent harms that are taking  place RIGHT NOW with occasional departures back to the The Second Great Depression of 2008.

If you want to really know what’s going on . . . this is a MUST read.


ISBN 0-942080-26-2

(PDF Version) 391 pages

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The stories of bad men who achieve power and proceed to do awful things to others. Tales of modern day monsters. 


ISBN 0-942080-31-9

(PDF Version) 315 pages


A letter that became a book. Americans can no longer 

  • write to Washington officials or
  • send them an email
  • send them a text message
  • write them a letter
  • call them on the phone
  • or send them a fax

so the only way I know how to contact them is to write them a book. How can they represent us when there’s no way for them to hear our voices? 

All big companies allow customer service representatives to use assumed names so they can remain totally anonymous. All government officials have now done the same thing! Add to that the gag orders and threats that silence the news PLUS the fact that all news outlets (paper, TV, radio, Internet) are all owned by just six corporations who have total control over what Americans are allowed to know . . . and you have an inkling of how far the dumbing down of America has gone.

This book includes 24 wish list items, most of which are about matters that Americans are not even aware of! If you were invited to speak with the president, what would you say to him? This book is what I would say. In fact . . . I did say it.


ISBN 0-942080-32-7

(PDF Version) 83 pages

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