Instant Home Tours

A car with mom and dad and their teenagers is cruising a neighborhood where they’d like to buy a new home. They cruise up to one of your listings. They like the look of the home, but your sign says, “By appointment only.” A teenager points his iPhone at your sign and snaps the QR code saying, “Hey pop! The sign has a QR.” Dad doesn’t use computers so he says, “What’s a QR?” The QR leads straight to your web page with movies offering a complete walking tour of the home with narration expertly stating every feature and benefit! The teenager hands the phone with the first movie playing to the parents.

Bingo! Instant Home Tours!

Without an appointment, beautiful moving camera narrated walk-throughs—while still parked outside the home the buyer is already looking at!

Your phone number is on your sign and on your web page too. Maybe dad and mom play the rest of your movies as they drive away. After watching their favorite movies (mom the kitchen, dad the garage and kids the pool and TV room) and taking a feature-rich, narrated tour of each, they’ll already know. If they want it, next thing they’ll do is call you to set up an appointment. If they don’t, you’re saved the time, mileage and expense of showing them a home they won’t like.

Do you know ANY other way
to move sales along this fast?

Here are some scenes taken from the homes where we produced websites containing walking camera real estate movies. Ever heard stories of a buyer who became alarmed when the actual home they were walking through looked so vastly different than the warped fish-eye-lens photos they saw on the Internet? We have.

Windows and doors mounted crookedly

ceilings caving in

walls caving out

bulging floors . . .

Our Instant Home Tour movies are almost like being there. That plus the expert narrations pointing out features the average home shopper is not even aware of makes a First Class presentation of the home.  Distorted fish-eye photos with tiny captions alone (no motion, no narrations) does NOT.

In the movie Beam Me Up Furniture, at the start is one of our photos of a room. Next comes a fisheyes photo (from the MLS) as the furniture “beams in.” Notice how the image goes from straight and true (us) to bent and distorted (the fish-eye photographer) as the scene progresses.

Beam Me Up Furniture 

Kitchen & Laundry Room

Spiral Staircase To Heaven

The Love Of Light is movie celebrating the light and lighting in a very beautiful home for which we produced a complete walking tour movie sales website. This movie really shows off what we can do because it features our photography, our video editing, and especially a musical piece composed, played and recorded by Sherman. Enjoy!

The Love Of Light