OUT HERE (the book) 

A full-sized coffee table book (34 x 11 inches when laying open) containing the words and art of the famous artist Burt Shonberg. Only high quality glossy paper is used.

Long ago Burt contacted me and said, “If I give you some notes about my experiences and give you some of my art pieces, will you author a coffee table art book for me? The book will be yours. I don’t want the book to come from me, I want it to come from you.” I asked if I could copyright the book in my name. Burt said, “Yes.”

To facilitate my learning Burt’s story, Burt created a CD for me and covered it with his art. 

It’s just like Burt to make art out of a CD containing his art. 

This book contains 34 big, high-resolution, suitable-for-framing pieces of Burt’s art.

All the writings in my book are the original typed content by Burt himself.

The spiral binding allows the book to lay flat without trying to snap shut. The spiral can be un-threaded from the book and the pages removed without damage. The  pages can then be framed. The 17 x 11 page size allows the art to be big and bold. The 70 pages are numbered, so re-assembling the book (and re-threading the spiral through the pages) is easy to do.

Have any friends who admire Burt’s work? Frame up some pages from this book and make a Burt Wall. Invite your friends over for coffee and show them your coffee table book and your Burt Wall.

70 pages
Size: 34 x 11 inches when opened
Price: $125 

Shipping ($10) is by USPS Priority Mail, wrapped in white packaging paper, then wrapped in craft & bubble paper, shipped in a heavy duty flat cardboard box.

ISBN 0-942080-28-9
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“Hi Sherman,

The book arrived a day early. Thanks so much. 

Thanks again.”—NL Westwood, NJ


“Oh yeah.

Hey—It looks good! I delved into the 1st couple pages, and am now looking for a break to read the whole thing !!

Very nice brother !




I read the whole book. 

Really works… very trippy account…

I hadn’t seen that series of drawings…

SO, overall… very nice…”

SIze: 47 x 23 inches
Price: $150
Shipping ($10) is by USPS Priority Mail. Shipped rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube.

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Aurora Borealis Kinetic Art DVDs

This product consists of a DVD, with 3 Aurora Borealis movies, each recorded at HD 4K. The movies are entitled:

  • Dreamscape
  • El Zorro
  • Vortex

Here are samples of the movies. We don’t know what your favorite music is so there’s no sound with the movies. Our favorite “music” for Aurora Borealis is Ocean Waves and Wind In The Trees.

Have a big screen TV and a DVD player? Turn the room lights off (make it nighttime in your living room) and play this DVD and watch the beautiful, criss-crossing, variable, morphing, flowing, liquid-like colored shapes as you enjoy the happy, relaxed, serene feelings that they bring. Perhaps you will be visited by an epiphany as we often are. 

In today’s world,
feeling happy, relaxed and serene
is harder than ever before.

† An EPIPHANY is an experience of a sudden and striking realization. Generally the term can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective. 

  • Our images do NOT come from a computer program.
  • Our display does NOT come from a fixed image on a rotating plastic dome.

The light comes from a complex and secret OPTICAL invention we created. How we turn the projected images into a crystal clear motion picture is also a secret.
No matter. Just order our Aurora Borealis DVD and you’re in.

Near the north and south poles the Aurora Borealis moves very, very slowly. Movies taken of them are always sped up. Our images use the same colors found in Nature and are already sped up for you. 

Price: $20 plus $5 shipping by USPO First Class Mail
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When the DVD loads, it starts by playing Dreamscape. This will play until you select another movie or shut down the DVD player. To switch movies, return to the menu and click the movie you want. That movie will then play continuously. 

  • If you have a big screen TV, play the DVD on that. 
  • For sleeping, it helps to get a small video projector with a built-in DVD player. 
  • For sleeping we usually start out playing Dreamscape. If I wake up during the night, I press the remote’s MENU button and then press 2 to play El Zorro. When morning comes I just press the ON-OFF button.
  • If you sleep mostly on your back, place the projector on the floor near the head of the bed. Aim it at the ceiling and play the Aurora Borealis movies for a good night’s sleep.
  • If you sleep on your side, aim the images on the wall you face from across the room.

The feedback we receive has shown that even people who take multiple sleeping aid pills don’t need them if they let our Aurora Borealis lull them to sleep. Other users of our DVD say that the show takes away the stress of the day and helps slow down their thinking, bringing on peaceful sleep. Still others say that taking 20 minute mid-day Aurora Borealis Epiphany Naps makes them feel refreshed.

We recommend a DVD projector with a built-in DVD player. If you get a low-end player (480 p) the movies will look more cloud-like. If you get a higher quality projector you will see finer details at 1080p, 2K or 4K HD.


What you get with our Aurora Borealis DVDs are the following.

  • 3-D wireframe objects
  • liquid-like morphing
  • fingerprint edges
  • colors sieving through each other’s fingerprints
  • stars and triangles that assemble themselves and dissolve
  • tubes
  • cones
  • canals
  • sliding medallions and
  • free-flowing vapors 

All these images appear and then morph into something else . . . all sliding and changing into one another.

Besides You Who Would Want One

  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • planetariums
  • movie theaters
  • dentists
  • medical clinics
  • waiting rooms
  • bars
  • nightclubs 

Perhaps the ones who will benefit most are those who “can’t shut it off” (their minds) at the end of a busy day when they try to drift off to sleep. Drug-free sleep becomes possible as a person gazes at these beautiful images. Put any sleeping medications you use away. The Aurora Borealis display will slow down your brain enough so you can get to sleep. My elderly mom needed four pills to fall asleep. When she starting watching our Aurora Borealis at bedtime, she didn’t need pills to get a good night’s sleep any more.

Viewing our Aurora Borealis is not just for the living room TV. How do you get the Lights on your bedroom ceiling? You connect your DVD player to a low cost video projector and point it at the ceiling near the head of your bed.

Epiphany Naps

When I take naps now, I watch an Aurora Borealis on my bedroom ceiling. In 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes I wake up refreshed and happy and, some of the time, I realize that while I was napping, I thought up a brand new idea. Somehow the relaxation factor of the Lights turns a 10 minute nap into what feels like an hour nap.


Having a party soon? Put our DVD in your player and pause the playback as guests start to arrive. When someone asks you about the still image, un-pause the DVD. You have a whole evening full of beautiful and inspiring images whenever you want them.

There are no film studio logos, clips of coming attractions, music, advertising or credits—just the beautiful Lights. Play your favorite music as you watch, if you like. 

If a low overcast is forecast, and you can afford it, rent a movie theatre video projector and give your neighborhood a light show they’ll never forget on the undersides of the clouds above your house. 

A fan of our Aurora Borealis DVD is going to try to project the image into the bottom of his swimming pool at night. If I get photos of this, I’ll share them here.

Customer Feedback

Here’s a report on our experiences watching your “colorama” Aurora Borealis dynamic displays (both your classic and somewhat faster changing versions). Nancy and our son both found it calming, allowing them to quit thinking about whatever came to mind or things that seemed urgent or needed to be dealt with; they simply let the display take over. Nancy was pleasantly surprised by that effect. I liked both versions, and also found both programs mesmerizing and relaxing. I think we can give you a more definitive accounting / analysis when we return and watch them at home on our big screen. I’m planning to completely darken the room the next time we watch it. I did find some small display lights on other electronics could be distracting so I put small pieces of electrical tape over them. I’m also thinking of projecting it on a ceiling while lying down to view (as you described).—JS (college professor) in Nebraska

————————————————— —————————————————

I'm in my office. I slipped the DVD into my laptop and looked at El Zorro and then Dreamscape on the big monitor. I felt Dreamscape was more fitting for the mood I'm in today. It starts with that bright light in the center, which draws you right in and then it just kind of massages you. I'm enjoying it. Thank you very much.—SS (health advisor) in Arizona

————————————————— —————————————————

I watched a little of each version, but it was late and I was on the couch… I fell asleep. I  thought it was cool. Thank you Sherman.—GK (printing designer) in Arizona

————————————————— —————————————————

I get you. It is quite beautiful to look at, which is my reason for commenting on the blending of the colors.

I worked a lot on compression of the bandwidth for video and on perceptual encoding, so I can’t shake off my head the fact that these are the 3 primary colors (RGB), and so, my attention went straight to watching the blending take place and produce rich yellows, oranges, purples… even browns for brief moments, so that is what I was watching.

Though Aurora Borealis is not a sculpture, it qualifies as Kinetic Art because it is in constant motion, and it never gets fixated. My other observation was about the rhythm of change in the 3 colors.—RV (professor) in Florida

————————————————— —————————————————

I watched your online demos. That is incredible!

Your DVD just arrived. I have to find a DVD player moment to experience it!

Good morning! I'm enjoying your amazing DVD during my morning meditation—MA (real estate) in California

————————————————— —————————————————

Watching the dreamscapes. It's mesmerizing. I will project it on my ceiling and put on headphones with music. That will be very cool.—SB (artist) in Montana

————————————————— —————————————————

It’s beautiful ! Thank you.—MK (artist) in California


OUT HERE (the painting)

A truly stunning print of a painting by Burt Shonberg. Big and bold, it will command respect anywhere you place it. The painting is delivered in a strong cardboard tube. More than any other art by the Master, this painting captures the essence of the universe in which Burt found himself while he visited here.