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A full-sized coffee table book (34 x 11 inches when laying open) containing the words and art of the famous artist Burt Shonberg. Only high quality glossy paper is used.

Long ago Burt contacted me and said, “If I give you some notes about my experiences and give you some of my art pieces, will you author a coffee table art book for me? The book will be yours. I don’t want the book to come from me, I want it to come from you.” I asked if I could copyright the book in my name. Burt said, “Yes.”

To facilitate my learning Burt’s story, Burt created a CD for me and covered it with his art. 

It’s just like Burt to make art out of a CD containing his art. 

This book contains 34 big, high-resolution, suitable-for-framing pieces of Burt’s art.

All the writings in my book are the original typed content by Burt himself.

The spiral binding allows the book to lay flat without trying to snap shut. The spiral can be un-threaded from the book and the pages removed without damage. The  pages can then be framed. The 17 x 11 page size allows the art to be big and bold. The 70 pages are numbered, so re-assembling the book (and re-threading the spiral through the pages) is easy to do.

We ship my book in an armored box.

Have any friends who admire Burt’s work? Frame up some pages from this book and make a Burt Wall. Invite your friends over for coffee and show them your coffee table book and your Burt Wall.

In the book, the double-truck† painting of Burt’s Out Here [© 2019 The Marshall Berle Revocable Trust] is presented rotated 90º to the left so they can be as large as possible. 

To view this painting in the book, turn the book 90º clockwise. Removing both pages, frame them portrait (vertical) and hang them very close together. The closer together you can bring them the better they will look. This presentation style is called a dyptic††.

† Two book pages displayed next to each other with the same content split between the pages and printed as close to the gutter (center) as the printing device will allow.

†† Two pages hung on a wall next to each other. Dyptics are usually side by side, but they can be vertical as well.


Plus $12 shipping (in the US) 69 pages

ISBN 0-942080-28-9

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This is not a book, it’s an Aurora Borealis Projector for the ceiling of your room. You study this one, but you don’t read it. Think of when you use it as “a viewing.” You allow it to soothe and relax you. All the images move and transform constantly. If you’re at all sleepy, a Projector may put you right into Dreamland. 

The only way to get an inkling of what it looks like is to make a movie of a Projector running. We did that. A link to the movie is below. The movie is not even close to the beauty, quality and crispness of the image you see when in the same room as a Projector.

When these Projectors go on sale, you’ll read about it first right here.