Marianne Williamson

These beautiful live recordings of Marianne were once entirely free to download, enjoy and learn from. As the most advanced A Course In Miracles (ACIM) teacher in the world, Marianne has a lot to say. Because I acquired them when they were free-of-charge, they are presented for your enjoyment here, free of charge.

Of all the thousands of important life secrets I learned, probably the most important one was The Atonement Prayer. If you use this prayer enough times it is possible to make sorrows from your past fade away.

Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit
Hear my prayer

In the past, I committed an error . . .
I didn’t do something or I didn’t do something right
Now . . . in this time . . .
some memories resulting from my error are harming my Peace

Please take me back in time and erase the harmful memories while leaving all the good and loving memories intact.


I read the entire book 1 1/2 times plus attended ACIM meetings in Tucson for 2 years. Even after all the work I put into learning ACIM, Marianne Williamson is WAY ahead of me.