Good Day LA

The Provenance Of The Song

This song was written and performed by Devorah. She came into my recording studio carrying a 24-track 2-inch reel of tape. “I can’t find anyone to help me finish my recording.” She was drop-dead gorgeous so I wisely said . . . “May I hear what you have?” I liked what I heard! After I listened to her piano-only recording she said, “Would you play it one more time so I can sing the words I have written for the song?” What did the smitten Chief Recording Engineer say? “Sure.” The words were total stream-of-consciousness wonderment. I determined to take her project to the finish line so she could market it and become a well-paid recording star. So I did that.

I produced her. I made her work on her vocals and her Hammond B3 organ parts.

She asked me to put an off-the-wall lead guitar part into the mix. So I did. I wish now that I had a version WITHOUT my guitar part. At the very end of the song I think I did OK . . . but the rest of the song does not need what I added.

I have searched the Internet for Devorah, and searched line-by-line for her lyrics without a single “hit.” Therefore, as far as I know, I may be the only living human to have this beautiful recording. If she hears it at this website and is offended—I’ll remove it at once.

Leaving the judgement of the stream-of-consciousness lyrics to you, do you not think the mind that thought up these lyrics is beautiful? Do you not admire the astonishing glissandos she played on the piano and B3 organ? Do you not admire her huge vocal range? Holy smokes! What a performer!

I think Good Day LA is a work of art. Enjoy it while it lasts.