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How to argue without suffering

This book contains pure how to. No fluff. The book may be small but it is MIGHTY.

The only person who will stick up for you and make sure your life does not collapse under the strain of trying to care for another person IS YOU.

These Catch Phrases are like ammunition to let you be around a pushy, argumentative person without being “sucked into” their mood or their demands. These phrases are the basis of SETTING BOUNDARIES.

Saying “Cancel Cancel” is a verbal shield to deflect something awful someone has just said to you. It is a short version of the Atonement Prayer from A Course In Miracles, found in the book. 

This book draws its wisdom from: 

  • My dad, who was a Minister of Religious Science (I grew up with my very own spiritual Wise Man),
  • The Bible, 
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, 
  • Lost Horizon by James Milton,
  • A Course In Miracles by Helen Schucman and
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

My email closing is now:

Be kind,
Expect Miracles,
Think good thoughts,
Make Heaven on Earth,
Sherman Barry

“Expect Miracles” and “Think Good Thoughts” comes from my many years of studying A Course In Miracles. I read the huge text cover to cover. Then I read it through half way again. I became filled with these teachings. I also listened to the recordings of world’s most advanced ACIM teacher—Maryanne Williamson—many, many times.  

Arguing is a really good book. The more stressful life gets, the more useful this book will become.

ISBN 0-942080-34-3
(PDF Version) 77 pages

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How to stay together and divorce horror stories.

Love games and adventures for people in love. • What happened at the turn of the century and through until today? Nearly every relationship I knew of broke up. • What to expect when you try to love a sociopath / narcissist. • Divorce advice from powerful collaborative divorce attorneys. • Co-operative, confrontational and “scorched earth” divorces. • Recounting divorce horror stories as a way to alienate everyone you know. • A courageous spiritual look at what happens to the mom, the dad and especially any children when a marriage breaks up.

ISBN 0-942080-22-X
(PDF Version) 229 pages

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