Cutthroat Nation

One power grab, abuse and evil-doing after another. 

  • Poison spraying over the whole country every day (chemtrails) 
  • Ice nucleation causing weird ice balls and flexible plastic snow
  • High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP) that can park a hurricane over a city for four days of destruction and death
  • A 100 mile no Constitution Zone all the way around the US, Alaska and Hawaii
  • No-knock warrants
  • Spying 
    • (email
    • fax
    • text
    • phone conversations
    • web pages visited
    • purchases made
    • banking records
    • location of your car
    • money “thread” sensors under freeway bridges

Did YOU give your permission for any of this? I sure didn’t!

PDF Version 383 pages

ISBN 0-942080-26-2