Dear President Biden

I imagined being invited to speak with the president. This book is the result of that daydream.

I called the white house “comments” number. There was only a recording. I called the “operator” number. A person answered. My call was immediately sent into a dead-end set of recordings. No American can speak to the president. The old saying “call your congress person” is also meaningless. How can there be a government “of the people” when the people can’t reach ANYONE in government?

How can the people we elect possibly “represent” us when we can not reach them by:

  • calling
  • writing a letter
  • sending a text message
  • sending an email
  • visiting in person

Our democracy is gone. Now we have greedy, secretive criminals who cheat and steal and lie their way to great riches while they do harm to Americans.

In this book, I give Mr. Biden a piece of my mind. He still won’t hear my ideas, but at least I was able to get my well-thought-out suggestions out into the open.

PDF Version 103 pages

ISBN 0-942080-32-7