The wrongs that have been done to Americans is a BIG story. This makes this a really big (823 page) book!

The story of how Americans lost so much. Their jobs, their homes, their cars and their good credit. After . . .

  • The Great Bank Crash caused by JP Morgan
  • The creation of an illegal private company called The Federal Reserve
  • The First Great Depression of 1929
  • the illegal IRS which was never ratified and was supposed to be dismantled after World War II
  • an illegal and unfair “income” tax system. The tax code is currently 75,000 pages long. It would take an average reader about 14 weeks to read it.
  • Nixon taking us off the gold standard
  • Fractional banking
  • The presidents (since Reagan) STEALING all of the citizen’s Social Security money
  • The Securitized Sub-Prime Mortgage-Backed Investment Ponzi Scheme
  • The Second Great Depression of 2008

. . . there wasn’t much left of American wealth (except for the ultra-rich fragment of less than 1% of the population).

Combine the . . .

  • dumbing-down of America that started in 1945
  • off-shoring, globalization, and playing complex games with money
  • the H1-B visa

. . . and you have the beginnings of the Big Picture of where jobs and quality of life went.

PDF Version 823 pages

ISBN 0-942080-24-6