In Search Of ET Jesus

So many stars in the universe! How many intelligent civilizations are there? Are there Holy Men everywhere that intelligent life evolves? Are Gods invented by their peoples or is it the other way around? Would an ET who visited Earth think there is intelligent life here, yet? Or would the ET think we have failed in our custodianship of Earth? Have you seen the remake of the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still? Would an all-powerful ET be appalled by what we’ve done to our planet and eradicate all humans to allow the rest of life on Earth a chance to survive?

This unique book provides easy methods of working with HUGE numbers. After following along with the computations presented in the book, we come up with an astonishing number of intelligent civilizations in the Universe. 

I believe there’s NO WAY that “it’s just us.”

If it IS just us
that would be
a huge waste of Space.

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ISBN 0-942080-35-1
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