Come Senators, Congressmen Please Heed The Call

Dear President Biden,

Congratulations on your awesome victory in the 2020 election!

I am not a government worker. Still, I’ve been studying government and writing social commentary books for a LONG time.That is why I have a LOT to say. 

Based on everything I have learned, here are the items on my Basic Presidential Wish List. At the end of the Wish List there are two addendums that are very worth reading.


The old phrase, “Write to your congressman” no longer has any meaning. Washington officials have erected a wall of secrecy behind which they are totally unreachable. This is because it gives congress employees more free time to accept bribery (lobbying money) and perform illegal insider trading. 

Americans can’t . . .

  • Write a letter
  • Write an email
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Send a fax
  • Send a text message
  • Visit in person

. . . because all these addresses are kept secret. 

How can officials represent us

TO DO: Remove the wall of anonymity that insulates all government officials from American citizens. 

Verify: From time to time each congress person is to be tested—to see if messages from the people are getting through to them.



Alan Greenspan came to Reagan one day and said, “I know how you can have plenty of money for guns, tanks, atom bombs, war and 'funding' for your pet projects." Reagan: “How?” Greenspan: “Change the social security laws so that it becomes 'legal' for the president to steal the social security money from the American people.”

So Reagan did that. Reagan harangued congress for three months until they passed the law he wanted. Then, he stole all the money in the social security General Fund to provide funding for his corrupt regime. After Reagan, all the other presidents stole the money too. Sometime after Reagan, the securities in the Trust Fund were all stolen too.

The theft is still going on. Every president after Reagan has stolen every penny of the American’s social security money. Even as each president steals all the money, with the full knowledge of congress, the government lies to the people by saying, "Social security is going broke.” Social security is not going broke. It has been burglarized by all the presidents starting with Reagan.

Today, the General Fund should have about 3 trillion dollars in it. 

How much money
is in the General Fund today?
Zero dollars.

Today, the Trust Fund should have a huge pile of valuable securities (all collecting interest from way back in Reagan’s time) to help defray the cost of the baby boomers when they retire. 

How much money is there
in the Trust Fund today?
A pile of worthless IOUs.

TO DO: Repair the social security laws so they go back to protecting the American’s social security money from presidents and everyone else.

Verify: Have congress provide an accounting to the people to prove that no money is being stolen from the Social Security General Fund or Trust Fund.


Criminals in Washington got away with the destruction of three buildings in New York City on 9/11. The buildings were demolished by military-grade super nano thermite explosions. All the experts have gone on record to say the “official” story of 9/11 is a lie. 

  • 1. A flimsy, hollow airplane wing can NOT slice through hardened steel beams and concrete. 
  • 2. An airplane hit on the side of the building CAN NOT make the building fall at free-fall speed.
  • 3. Burning jet fuel can NOT turn hardened steel beams into molten metal. 
  • 4. Burning jet fuel can NOT turn concrete into talcum powder.
  • 5. Molten steel was found in the basements of all three buildings! Waterfalls of molten metal gushed out of the building before it collapsed at free-fall speed.
  • 6. Even the most famous video has been shown to be a fake because one wing of an “attacking aircraft” disappears behind a far-distant building. This proves that the video was produced with special effects containing a huge error in the CGI layering.

    Also, there is a HUGE pod under the right wing of the “attacking aircraft.” Commercial airliners NEVER have a huge pods under their wings. 
  • 7. The demolition of building 7 was announced on TV 20 minutes before it was demolished. Building 7, still standing, could be seen out the window, over the shoulder of the newscaster, as the station announced that it had just been demolished. 
  • 8. There are movies on You Tube of New York firemen telling the truth. They witnessed the demolitions, describing the cascading explosions coming down the building floor-by-floor "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom"—just like all the other demolitions they have witnessed. 

The three world trade center buildings were demolished turning hardened steel into molten metal and concrete into fine powder. Hiding behind their false and discredited cover story, the guilty parties continue to go free. 

The truth? Bush's cousin closed the buildings for three days just before 9/11 when the explosive super nano thermite charges were placed. On 9/11 the explosives were detonated.

On TV, the day before 9/11, Rumsfeld admitted that trillions of dollars had vanished from the military budget. The very next day the three buildings, containing all the evidence of this crime, were demolished. 

  • 1. The steel beam evidence was quickly removed to tanker ships and then taken to China to be melted down. 
  • 2. A huge commercial airliner made only a 14 foot diameter hole in the Pentagon and the fully-fueled airplane started no fire when the kerosine leaked out? 
  • 3. Dump trucks appeared within seconds to bury the evidence by covering the pentagon's front lawn in thick gravel?

TO DO: Bring all the demolition criminals to justice for this horrible crime starting with Bush and his cousin who was “in charge” of security for the world trade center buildings.

Verify: Publish the results of the in-depth investigations to be sure they match the criminal proceedings that result from them. Be sure the guilty have been sent to jail.


Unlimited term limits for congress employees is NOT working. Mitch McConnel is adisaster. He should have been replaced years ago. He is holding back the Senate, holding back needed impeachment proceedings and is devoid of fresh ideas that might repair America.

TO DO: Reasonable term limits must be instigated. Congress employees must be prevented from entrenching themselves and abusing their power. Out with the old; in with the new. Out with old stale ideas; in with fresh new ideas.


When some federal office holders lose their jobs their pay continues. That’s not the American way. When an American citizen loses a job his/her pay stops immediately. 

TO DO: Make changes so that federal office holder’s pay stops the moment they lose their jobs. This rule should affect every federal employee right up to the president.


Federal employees don’t have to worry about the dreadful, expensive, wasteful and tawdry medicare system that Americans have to use; they have voted themselves a generous PRIVATE health care system. 

TO DO: Put a stop to the federal employee private health care system. Make federal employees use the same horrible medicare system that American citizens have to use. 

Whatever is wrong with medicare will be fixed in record time. Perhaps then Americcans can start enjoying a health CARE system instead of suffering because we have a health SALES system.


The FDA used to be funded by congress. Then, the FDA's funding was changed to the pharmaceutical companies! The pharmaceutical companies are now paying the salaries of the FDA employees whose job it is to regulate the pharmaceutical companies! What nonsense! How can the FDA regulate the people in charge of paying their salaries?

This is called putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

TO DO: Change the funding of the FDA employees to some other entity other than the pharmaceutical companies the FDA is in charge of regulating.

Verify: Publish the evidence that the pay for FDA employees is not coming from pharmaceutical companies.


Nowhere in the Constitution does it say churches and “non-profit” businesses do not pay tax. Churches are huge businesses that make billions of dollars, own securities and land and PAY NO TAX. This must stop. Non-profits make huge amounts of money and pay no tax! This must stop.

TO DO: Remove the tax free status of churches and non-profits.


The IRS tax code is so complicated that even IRS employees don’t understand it. GE recently turned in a 57,000 page tax return and paid no tax on their huge earnings. This must stop. Trump inflated his properties to get loans and then deflated these same properties to pay no tax.

TO DO: Change the US to a flat tax and make every corporation, church, non-profit, president and citizen pay the same tax. Throw out the million page IRS tax code document and replace it with a business card sized tax code: 

The tax is 3%.
Every person,
business, non-profit,
and church
pays 3%.
No exceptions.

Verify: Publish the tax code each time it is altered from this simple beginning. Set up an automatic whistle-blowing system so that every attempt to alter the tax code results in an immediate publishing of what is being changed and why. This will provide notice to the American public that it’s time, once again, for peaceable assembly for a redress of grievances. THIS is how governments are kept in check in Europe. It it time for us to inform Americans so they can rise up and make their wishes known to their government.


Lobbyists are a CURSE on our government. They bribe congress people until they vote the way the lobbyists want them to vote. Dodd-Frank was supposed to INCREASE supervision of banks. So much lobbying and bribery took place that the law was re-written to PREVENT all supervision of banks! 

The job of congress employees is NOT to get rich by using insider trading information and by accepting bribes from lobbyists. Their job is to improve America and the lives of Americans.

TO DO: Outlaw lobbying. Make it so only congress people with official IDs can enter the congress buildings. Ban all lobbyists from entering. Make it a requirement that when any congress person does receive a visitor, that visitor is accompanied by a paige who records everything that is said during the meeting. Constantly audit all congress employees to be sure they are not receiving gifts of any kind, especially monetary gifts (bribery) in their US bank accounts and in their foreign/secret bank accounts.


Congress workers do not know what the Constitution says and what it means. They take an oath to uphold and protect a document that they know nothing about. 

TO DO: Make each new congress employee takes a Constitution Test which must be passed BEFORE a new congress person can voice an opinion, vote or receive pay.

Verify: Publish the results of each test. If many failing marks are noted, that congress person should be recalled.


Currently, congress employees vote on bills and measures without knowing what the measure says or what the likely outcome of the measure will be. 

TO DO: Make congress employees pass a test on each measure they vote on to make sure they understand what it says and what its effects are likely to be. If they fail the test on a measure, they must take an unpaid leave of absence while the measure is discussed and be prevented from voting on the measure.

Verify: Publish the results of each test. If many failing marks are noted, that congress person should be recalled.


Congress employees receive a constant stream of insider trading tips and secrets. They get richer while making Americans poorer. When they get caught doing this, they just continue pocketing their riches and smile for the camera. This must stop.

TO DO: Make it a law that congress employees may not buy or sell investments during their term in office. If they are caught conducting insider trading, they lose their jobs in congress immediately.

Publish the results of the constant on-going investigations of each congress person. If a congress employee is found guilty of insider trading, activate the automatic expulsion process and acquire ah honest replacement for the disgraced congress person.

Verify: Monitor the bank accounts of each congress person to be certain there are no sudden changes in their dollar amounts.


TO DO: A “bad apple” elected official recall process must be created. A recall election is held so that the offending congress employee can be removed from office. Recall Elections are to be used so that evil-doers and gangsters (like Trump) cannot remain in office. Congress has proved they can not be trusted to vote correctly for an impeachment, so a general election must be used to bypass congress' tainted voting.


Chemtrails are being employed world-wide in an effort to overcome global warming that was caused by the use of fossil fuels. Criminals are using Sun blocking particles to try to cause global dimming. The particles being used are a deadly poison to life on Earth. 

The maniacs in charge of this program hope that the permanent damage to the protective ozone layer by fossil fuel use (global warming)can be lessened by introducing poisonous global dimming powders into the upper atmosphere. What is being lessened is life on earth. Desiccants in the chemtrails are drying out and poisoning our forests which are burning down like never before. Chemtrails are killing lakes, bees, crops, rivers and the oceans.

TO DO: Spraying of aluminum, molds, fungus, barium and all the other poisons (chemtrails) must be stopped.

Verify: Publish instructions of how and where to report the sighting of a chemtrail for citizens of the US to use.


Government interference (decrees, executive orders, gag orders, intimidation) is interfering with the news that citizens receive. Fukushima is still leaking melted radioactive fuel rods into the sea. The oceans are dying. Weather control experiments using HAARP (Hight Altitude Aurora Research Project) are destroying places like Houston, Louisiana and Florida. The Investigate 911 marchers are never seen on TV.

TO DO: End all government gag orders on broadcasters. End all HAARP experiments. Return the US to complete, uncensored and truthful news.



7,000 tons of gold was removed from Fort Knox in the dark of night by huge trucks that arrived empty and drove away heavily-laden. Day after day, month after month the theft went on.

At first, congress could send inspectors to Fort Knox. They would select a vault and a bar (at random) in that vault for drilling, the shavings taken and assayed as proof of pure gold. Then a bar was “selected” by the staff of Fort Knox. Then a bar was brought out for display while making the congress people stand behind a steel wall and peep at the “proof” of gold being handled by the Fort Knox staff. What nonsense!

How can we ever return to a gold-backed currency and rid ourselves of the private company called “the fed,” when all of America’s gold was stolen?

TO DO: Find out where America’s gold went and who profited by the theft. Put the thieves into prison and leave them there.

Verify: Return to the method of congress sending inspectors to Fort Knox. The inspectors would select a vault and a bar in that vault (at random). The inspectors would then witness a tiny hold drilled in the bar and the shavings would then be taken by the congress inspectors and assayed as proof of pure gold.


Nearly all programs now demand totally unnecessary access to the customer’s files, contact information, microphones cameras as part of the installation. 

TO DO: Spying is spying no matter how it is is done. Spying must be stopped. When you install software on a phone, pad, desktop computer, doorbell system, smart radio and home automation (as examples) software developers must be prevented from spying on all your documents, emails, chats, videos, photos, microphones, cameras or stealing any information about people you know from your contact lists.

Verify: Pass laws that allow closing any company caught spying on Americans by any means including: software, microphones, cameras use of spyware.

Addendum One
The Fed

Perhaps if these things can be accomplished, we can finally turn our attention to the private company known as “The Fed” who LOANS money to the US while requiring that the US pay interest on the loans. The “fed” is not federal.

The “fed” was snuck into existence in the dead of night during a Christmas vacation.

The amount we owe “the fed” is so huge that the entire intake of money by the illegal IRS can only pay the interest on the debt! The fed is an abomination and must be shut down if Americans are ever to work their way out of the horrible debt hole the fed has dug for our citizens to live in.

Interested in finding out how the US federal government ruined the US, just watch the movie by Noam Chomski titled RequiumFor The American Dream.

Addendum Two
Dumbing Down Of America

The biggest problem in the US is the intentional dumbing down of the citizens by the federal government. The public education system of today is a disaster. All you have to do to prove this to yourself is to try to pass the eighth grade final from 1912.

Dumbed-down citizens are easily misled by a TV personality. They can be misled to believe that lies they are told are actually the truth. They can be misled to accept that horrible government policies should be allowed. They can be misled to perform anti-American acts of insurrection.