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A streamlined method for speed, accuracy and documentation.

This book starts at the very beginning and teaches how to work with artists and the equipment you have on-hand to get really good sound in a studio or on stage. Twenty years of experience recording and doing live sound for Alice Cooper, The Byrds, The Turtles, Ike & Tina Turner and Frank Zappa. 

So powerful, this was the textbook of choice for colleges and universities all over the world.

ISBN 0-942080-20-3
(PDF Version) 376 pages

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"Your book is probably already in my top 3 music books of all time and will most likely overtake the #1 spot when I'm done reading it. Most books focus on the theoretical aspect of production, where yours prepares you for what you actually encounter in real-life studio sessions. I can see why they used it in colleges. They should probably stop printing 90% of production books out there and just replace them with new copies of yours."—JG

Dear Sherman,

Thank you for writing those books! I've received the links and have downloaded them both.—JJ


Our advanced sound engineering book. The entire story of high quality sound. Includes state of the art sound engineering construction projects. Every aspect of sound quality from acoustics, electronics, mixing and equipment operation.

ISBN 0-942080-14-9
(PDF Version) 264 pages

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