The Higher Spiritual Regions

The Earthly Plain

On Earth, the spiritual realities are mostly backwards and upside-down. The very wealthy are mostly not spiritual. Those who have the least wealth are mostly highly spiritual. Organized religions have been created to control people—not to set them free. Horrible murders are committed in the name of some religions. 

It is generally believed that there is one Heaven. Sant Mat teaches there are five.

Advanced spiritual souls come to Earth with their messages of Peace and Love and we treat them horribly. We hang them, poison them, burn them at the stake, draw and quarter them, boil them in oil and crucify them.

Since all true spiritual messages come from the same place, here on Earth all spiritual messages should be the same—be identical. They’re not. The reason that they’re not is because ordinary men (not Saints) rewrite the messages to suit themsalves. The original words and messages of the Masters are lost in a sea of messages written by ordinary people. 

Each of the higher spiritual regions is hidden by a vail which keeps it safe from being discovered by unworthy spirits.

Region One—Sahas-dal kanwal

“Hear the resounding of the bell and be delighted. Then hear the sound of the conch shell and get immersed in its bliss. It’s effulgence will exhilarate your spirit.”

Region Two—Trikuti

“Here resounds the thunder of dark and heavy clouds. This is the region of the red morning Sun. On attaining this region, the spirit becomes very happy, purified and subtle. From here onward, it becomes cognizant of the spiritual regions.”

Region Three—Daswan Dwar

“Spirits, like beauties, dance at various places. There are pleasing and sweet victuals, all savory and fresh, and sonorous and musical strains can be heard everywhere. All this bliss can be experienced by the spirit only when it reaches there. It cannot be described using words. At every place, fountains of nectar are at play, pools of nectar are overflowing, and streams of nectar are gushing. One cannot describe the splendor and decoration of this region using words.” 

Region Four—The Great Void

“The depth of this dark region cannot be fathomed. There are four extremely subtle sub-regions there, the secrets whereof have not been revealed by any Saint. There are prison cells for the condemned spirits ejected from the court of the True Supreme Being. These spirits are not subjected to any trouble, however they must perform their functions by their own light. They do not get Darshan (vision) of the Lord, They are restless. However, there is a way that they can obtain remission. Whenever Saints happen to pass that way with spirits reclaimed from the lower regions, some of these spirits get the Darshan they have been longing for. Such spirits are able to go along with the Saints who very gladly take them to The Court Of The Lord and get them pardoned.” 

Region Five—Bhanwar Gupha

The Sound of the flute is resounding there all the time.  Spirit beholds a white resplendent sun. The region is beautiful and full of light. Endless Sound is resounding there. There are groups and assemblies of Hansas (celestial beings) and devotees who are frolicking in the vast expanse there. Spirit entities playfully and rapturously enjoy these sounds. Other characteristics of this region cannot be reduced to writing, as they can be realized by the spirit only when it reaches there.”